Career Options for MS Degrees from the US

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Career Options for MS Degrees from the US

Earning an advanced degree from a top school in the US can help you reach your ultimate career goals in a variety of fields. Today, more job candidates than ever have a Bachelor’s Degree, making the field much more competitive for a limited number of high-paying jobs. Lots of job applicants are choosing to further their education and get advanced degrees, such as an MS, to help enhance their skills and expand their knowledge. In the US, many different positions have a large number of applicants with top credentials looking to impress employers. Here are some attractive career options for people graduating with an MS degree from the United States.

  • Teacher

    If you have a passion for learning and want to pass on your knowledge, teaching may be the right choice for you. In the US, most teachers either possess or are in pursuit of an advanced degree. While it’s possible to get a job as a teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree, you can earn a higher salary and place yourself in top contention for a great job if you have an MS degree. You’ll need to have a focus on a particular subject or academic level before deciding to go for a career as an educator. In the US, teachers work in the elementary and secondary levels.

  • Mental Health Counselor

    Another option you could explore with an MS degree is a job as a mental health counselor. Mental health counselors work with individuals and groups who are at risk. They may hold counseling sessions, provide outside support services and connect with people who struggle with substance abuse, homelessness, mental health issues and more. With an advanced degree, you could be primed to take a position in this field and make a difference in the world.

  • Occupational Therapist

    There are lots of options for MS degree holders in the field of healthcare. One high-paying and rewarding job is an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists work with hospital patients, clinic patients and individuals in their homes to assist with basic life and movement skills. Some patients may have suffered an illness or accident and need rehabilitative therapy. Other patients may need lifetime therapy related to disabilities or developmental issues.  

  • Nurse Practitioner

    Nursing is another hot job in healthcare that could be an option if you have an MS in this field. Some advanced degrees can help you secure a job as a registered nurse in a hospital or private practice setting. For an even more lucrative career, consider becoming a nurse practitioner. There is a huge demand for healthcare providers all over the world, and if you have an MS degree, you could take advantage of this. Nurse practitioners work in hospitals and medical offices and provide services that are similar to a primary care physician. They see and evaluate patients, diagnose conditions and write prescriptions. Because of these additional responsibilities beyond that of a typical nurse, a nurse practitioner can demand a much higher salary.

  • Data Scientist

    Data science is a new field that is quickly becoming useful throughout the corporate world and within public service. Since digital technology is here to stay, many companies want to get the most out of these tools and use their data to help generate more revenue. Data scientists, who usually need to have advanced degrees, work with companies to interpret large pools of data about products, consumers and performance. While this is a relatively new field, it stands to grow even more as additional businesses learn how important this information is.

  • Librarian

    In order to be a librarian in the US, you need to obtain a Master’s Degree. Library science is the field you’ll need to pursue if you have dreams of helping people find information. Today’s field of library science looks much different from the scene even a decade ago. While the traditional library with books, magazines and newspapers is alive and well, the role of computers makes things a little more complicated. Students who want to go into this field learn about information technology and how to find things using digital tools in addition to other essentials from traditional libraries.

  • Engineer

    Another option some students have with an MS degree is to go into engineering. There are many different types of engineers that work in a variety of settings to create items or smooth out processes. If you have an interest in engineering, consider enrolling in an MS program dedicated to electrical, aerospace, chemical, mechanical or biomedical engineering. Once you complete your program and graduate, you’ll be in a good position to get a top job in this field. There is a lot of demand for engineering graduates, and salaries are attractive.

  • Urban Planner

    Urban planners in the US also usually have advanced degrees, such as an MS. These professionals usually work for public agencies and help design entire cities or neighborhoods. Urban planners may help with highway placement, zoning, park design and other city planning jobs. They work on teams to propose the best uses of space that would most benefit city residents, the environment and local businesses.

  • Lecturer

    If you have a great deal of subject knowledge and an MS degree, it also may be an option to find work as a lecturer at a college or university. While a full professor position usually requires a doctorate, some schools may offer instructor positions to those with Master’s Degrees. You’ll need to have a strong background of knowledge and experience in your field to land one of these coveted positions. Instructors and lecturers teach various levels of college classes and develop assignments. They may also advise students in their programs and offer recommendations for career development.

  • Accountant

    Jobs in finance or accounting are also great choices for those with new MS degrees. If you’re interested in helping individuals or businesses organize their finances, you may want to choose an MS program that focuses on preparing you to become an accountant. Jobs in this field usually pull in high salaries and give people more satisfaction than other lines of work. An accountant can work in private industry in the US or within government organizations.

  • Software or Web Developer

    Internet technology is another field that has the potential for big growth in the next few decades. Students should look into an MS program in computer science or some other field related to internet technology. In many cases, employers require advanced degrees for these jobs and pay big salaries to those with the qualifications. Graduates with an MS degree could work in software development, which focuses on creating programs, testing them and writing code for software. Or, they could choose web development, which aims to bring new capabilities to websites.

  • Speech Pathologist

    If you have a desire to help others, you may want to put your MS to use in a career such as a speech pathologist. Speech pathologists work in schools, hospitals and other clinical settings to help individuals with developmental disabilities or other speech problems. Employers hire candidates with MS degrees from speech pathology programs from around the United States. Speech pathologists enjoy a great deal of autonomy in their work and high job satisfaction.

  • Systems Analyst

    Outside of software and web development jobs, there are also positions managing entire networks or analyzing computer capabilities in companies. If you want to be a systems analyst, you should enroll in an MS program in the computer field. A systems analyst determines a company’s digital technology needs and works with current systems to improve efficiency and costs. These individuals work in many different industries and demand high paychecks for their services.

  • Financial Advisor

    The unpredictable stock market and world of investing are difficult for the average layperson to figure out. In the US, investing is not for the faint of heart. Retirement planning is another hot topic that many people in America stress about. That’s why financial advisors are so essential to people in this country. Financial advisors help people and businesses make a long-term investing plan to prepare for retirement. They also help people reach their short-term financial goals. To get a job in this field, you’ll have to prove yourself by earning an MS in finance or accounting. Then, you could be an attractive candidate for a top financial firm.

  • Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare is another big business in the United States. Because of the lack of universal healthcare, people in the US must rely on pricey insurance plans for medical coverage. There is a much larger business aspect to health in this country, and that means there are plenty of high-paying jobs in the field. Healthcare administrators work in insurance companies, hospitals and other medical facilities to manage the business part of healthcare. An MS degree is usually a requirement for individuals wanting to work in this role. If you’re interested in any of these job titles, check out SchoolApply to see how to find the right MS program for you. It’s important to plan ahead before you enroll in your program so that you can be on the right path to success in the field you want to pursue.

Levels Explained

  • Bachelor's

    A bachelor's degree (also called a first degree or undergraduate degree) is attained after receiving a post-secondary (high school) education and generally spans four years. Students pursuing these types of degrees are commonly referred to as bachelor or undergraduate students. A bachelor's degree is usually offered at an institution of higher education, such as a university.

  • Master's

    A master’s degree (or postgraduate or graduate education) involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees. This degree is preceded by a bachelor’s degree and generally takes two years to complete. Students pursuing these types of degrees are commonly referred to as master's, or grad students.

  • Pathway

    Bachelor’s and master’s pathway programs are designed for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation before continuing to a degree program at a university. The purpose of these programs are to give students the confidence and skills needed to succeed in college.