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INTO London offers international students guaranteed progression to one of 100+ UK and European universities where students will have more than 1,500 degrees to choose from ensuring that their career choice becomes a reality. 

  • International Students 100%
  • Total Annual Cost GBP 22,000

School Description

UK teaching styles are very different to what students might be used to in their home country, and that’s where INTO London comes in. INTO London has over 10 years’ experience helping students through lectures and tutorials, which would be similar to that of a UK university. INTO London also helps students develop skills in critical thinking, research and independent learning – everything needed to be successful at university. 

INTO London's teachers are experienced in helping international students. For students who are interested in learning in English, it offers courses designed for all levels; students can also take an extra term of English language tuition, if needed. By the end of its English course, students will be confident in writing essays, giving presentations and starting university in the UK. The INTO London Centre also has modern IT facilities, including interactive whiteboards in the classrooms and lecture theatres; as well as a Learning Resource Centre where students can find books, DVDs, journals or newspapers to support their studies. It also has a cosy on-site café which is a great place to socialise. 


Pathway Programs

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Accounting and Finance

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals for the profession or duties of an accountant. The curriculum focuses on the process by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarised, interpreted and communicated

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Art and Design

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    A program in the applied visual arts that focuses on the general principles and techniques for effectively communicating ideas and information, and packaging products, in digital and other formats to business and consumer audiences, and that may prepare individuals in any of the applied art media.

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Business, Management and Law

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the general study of business, including the processes of interchanging goods and services (buying, selling and producing), business organization, and accounting as used in profit-making and nonprofit public and private institutions and agencies. The programs may prepare individuals to apply business principles and techniques in various occupational settings.

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Hospitality, Events and Tourism

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals to manage travel-related enterprises and related convention and/or tour services. Includes instruction in travel agency management, tour arranging and planning, convention and event planning, travel industry operations and procedures, tourism marketing and promotion strategies, travel counseling, travel industry law, international and domestic operations, and travel and tourism policy.

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK


    A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of law, for taking state and national bar examinations, and for advanced research in jurisprudence. Includes instruction in the theory and practice of the legal system, including the statutory, administrative, and judicial components of civil and criminal law.

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Science and Engineering

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that focus on the systematic study of social systems, social institutions, and social behavior.

  • 102 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

    Social Sciences and Media

    GBP 17,995 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the analysis and criticism of media institutions and media texts, how people experience and understand media content, and the roles of media in producing and transforming culture. Includes instruction in communications regulation, law, and policy; media history; media aesthetics, interpretation, and criticism; the social and cultural effects of mass media; cultural studies; the economics of media industries; visual and media literacy; and the psychology and behavioral aspects of media messages, interpretation, and utilization.

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