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This section is about the University of Portland that is the only school in Oregon to offer a College of Arts & Sciences, a graduate school, and nationally accredited programs in the schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

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In 2013, U.S. News and World Report named the University of Portland one of the top ten Western regional universities. The University has been named a top ten regional university for 19 years running. In 2012, the University of Portland ranked first nationwide among master’s institutions with the number of students who won Fulbright awards for the third consecutive year, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. University of Portland students have won a total of 46 Fulbrights since 2001.

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    Established in 1901


    Donald Pearce Shiley, who finished his Engineering degree at the University of Portland, was one of the co-inventors of the Bjork–Shiley valve, a prosthetic heart valve. In March 2007, Shiley donated $12 million to the University of Portland, for the renovation of UP's School of Engineering.

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    5000 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97203, United States

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      • Testimony
        2010-2014, BS Organizational Communication

        The University of Portland creates an excellent community that focuses on real world problems and solutions. Fostering new relationships on a global scale, the University utilizes highly effective lessons to engage students and push them to competitively explore their surroundings, asking "why?" and developing solutions. During my time at UP I was challenged to work in my community, both local and global to develop connections, critically engage, and promote change within faulty structures and become a steward for embracing diversity. You work with real people, in a real world. The University of Portland pushes you to think beyond your wallet. The world is bigger than ourselves, and success is not just measured by your paycheck whether you study business, medicine, biology, chemistry, literature, engineering, communication, theatre, or the arts-- what you do to give back to the world and care for your community both foreign and domestic define quality, success, and the effectiveness of your skills. UP creates the foundation of you journey and pushes you to your limits, but in the end, it is your motivation that produces success. A wonderfully engaging institution, and highly rated educator.

      • Testimony
        2004-2008, Bachelor of the Arts

        My theory is that the primary factor that motivates people to go to the University of Portland is the drive to do outstanding work. When I went to UP, classes were charged with energy from the students and professors, each demanding more from each other, and fostering a competitive and highly effective learning environment. I have applied lessons and skills from the University of Portland in every successful project and endeavor I have undertaken in the past six years. I have no doubt that what I learned at UP will have a positive impact on me for the rest of my life.

      • Testimony
        1982-1984, MBA

        A community of fellow scholars in all types from all walks of life that are given the opportunity to explore their career paths and take different avenues -- and be successful. The ability to take courses and have recognition that many students are working full time made the journey from nursing to a Masters in Marketing an success.