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Program Description

The nervous system moves messages between different parts of the body. Neuroscience studies the function and structure of this system and its relation to the brain. With 120 credit hours in four years, students may complete a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Illinois, Chicago. These hours must include courses within certain designations, and sometimes students must take a specific course.

Required credit hours include two academic writing courses, enough foreign language courses to equal two years of college-level language credits, world cultures, creative arts, history, society, and several biology courses. Students must also to take general chemistry, an introductory psychology course, and calculus.

As students progress through the major, they will include a range of neuroscience, chemistry, psychology, and philosophy courses. Topics vary to give flexibility to students with specific interests or general interests. For example, a student may choose topics such as philosophy of mind or metaphysics to fulfill a philosophy requirement. The degree gives students the ability to build their perfect neuroscience degree.

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