The American University of Rome

The American University of Rome (AUR) is an internationally recognized liberal arts college located in the Eternal City of Rome, Italy. AUR offers 10 undergraduate degree programs that include; Archaeology and Classics; Fine Arts; Film and Digital Media; and Italian Studies. AUR also offers three graduate programs; M.A. in Arts Management; M.A. in Food Studies; M.A. in Sustainable Culture Heritage.

  • Average Tuition EUR 20,000
  • Acceptance Rate 68%
  • Students 500
  • International Students 100%
  • Internships 82%
  • Total Annual Cost EUR 27,900
  • Campus Setting City

School Description

The American University of Rome (AUR) was founded in 1969 and is one of the oldest degree-granting American universities in Italy. AUR is a modern university delivering a liberal arts education for the 21st century. All undergraduate and graduate degrees are interdisciplinary and have a core focus on career development and practical application of theoretical knowledge - one of the reasons why the university offers an overall internship uptake rate of 82%. 

The AUR campus, set atop the Gianicolo, Rome's highest hill, is a small, secure and very personal home to a highly diverse student body. In 2016 there were over forty countries represented on campus. The University size is one of the key strengths it characterises that enables students to form close life-long collegiate bonds with both faculty and fellow students. 

Whilst studying at AUR, students are offered opportunities to participate in some of the most amazing and inspirational field trips. These are arranged on a program by program basis and have previously included experiences such as visiting the House of Lords in the UK to interview a peer of the realm, participating in archaeological digs in Tuscany & Albania (and the Colosseum), speaking at the Model United Nations at the Hague, and discussing international relations in Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Catalonia, Brussels, and Ghana. Other destinations over the course of the last 15 months have included Boston, Pompeii, Vienna, Philadelphia and New York.

  • 01A truly international university; students from over 40 countries
  • 02A small university (500 students) with a great community feel
  • 03All programs have a concentration on application of your degree to a future career

Bachelor Programs

  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Archaeology and Classics

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    The degree in Archaeology and Classics combines the theoretical and the practical. In this major students learn about all aspects of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Stewardship of our heritage is a major concern of more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Art History

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    A program that focuses on the study of the historical development of art as social and intellectual phenomenon, the analysis of works of art, and art conservation. Includes instruction in the theory of art, art history more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Business Administration

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization. Includes instruction in management theory, human resources management and behav more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy


    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    The Communication Program has multiple strengths: an ideal location for the study of global communication, faculty with diverse backgrounds and skills, programs reflective of the dynamic nature of communication in moder more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    English Writing, Literature, and Publishing

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    Storytelling is much more than lowbrow entertainment or highbrow literature. Our entire social world revolves around storytelling, and we have become more and more aware of this strange fact not only in the arts, but al more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Film and Digital Media

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    A program in the visual arts that focuses on the study of the history, development, theory, and criticism of the film/video arts, as well as the basic principles of film making and film production.The Film and Digital M more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Fine Arts

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    The Fine Arts Program offers students extraordinary experiences in the fields of painting, drawing and music. With a faculty richly diverse in style and method, students of the visual arts are encouraged to grapple with more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    Crossing intellectual barriers and making connections between different forms of evidence is at the heart of the major in Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree enables undergraduates, in conjunction with their academic more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    International Relations and Global Politics

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    AUR’s International Relations and Global Politics Program combines an excellent faculty, students who embody the diversity of people around the world, a curriculum that is both theoretical and practical in character, op more
  • Via Pietro Roselli, 4, 00153 Roma, Italy

    Travel and Tourism Management

    EUR 20,300 Tuition Fee
    • Scholarships EUR 20,000
    Travel and tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, in Europe and in Italy. Today, the tourism industry accounts for one in 11 jobs globally. Over the next ten years the industry more


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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.50
  • Minimum incoming TOEFL iBT 79
  • Minimum incoming IELTS 6.50


    Financial Aid & Scholarship

    Once you are accepted to AUR, you are now automatically evaluated and awarded for a merit scholarship if deemed eligible.

    At AUR we offer other types of scholarships as well to help students finance their education. This includes the Financial Need scholarship for new students, which requires an application. There are other options too- for example if you have American-Italian heritage you can apply for the Sons of Italy scholarship.

    AUR also has a student training program, which is open to students after completing one full semester of college or university. 

    • Student Training Program

      The American University of Rome offers a limited number of student training positions to full-time AUR degree-seeking students.Students who participate in this program receive training in various areas of the University in exchange for partial remission of tuition or reimbursement if tuition has already been paid in full. Training hours can range between 10-20 hours a week and are for the academic year.First year students must complete at least one semester at AUR before applying for a training position, this does not apply to transfer students.Student training requirements: All awards are limited to students enrolled full-time with a 2.7 cumulative GPA or above, meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and not defaulted on education loans.

    • Financial Need Scholarship

      Financial need scholarships are renewable annually until degree requirements are met for a maximum of four years (depending which comes first), and is only available to new incoming students at AUR. (Returning students must apply each semester for the AUR hardship scholarship.) Students must remain in good academic standing. All scholarships are only applicable during the spring and fall semesters.
      Students must be accepted and enroll full time in order to be considered for a scholarship.Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

    • Sons of Italy Scholarship

      The Order Sons of Italy in America (or OSIA) offers a scholarship together with The American University of Rome to American students with Italian heritage. The scholarship is $20,000 over four years (the recipient will receive $5,000 each academic year) and is awarded based on merit.The OSIA Committee selects the recipient based on academic merit (including test scores, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation), the essay response, and community service/volunteerism.Both new and returning AUR students are eligible to apply.Deadline: February 28th

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    Other Information

    Established in 1969


    The American University of Rome has study abroad programs with China, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Greece, Spain and the US.


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          • Testimony
            2004-2007, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

            Realworld Experience

            I studied at AUR for my entire Business degree. AUR provided a great foundation for academic excellence and real-world experience. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and always went above and beyond expectations. AUR provided a personalized, family learning experience. I attended various trips with the University which all proved to be great learning experiences. I appreciated the multi-cultural environment and sharing of knowledge. I can definitely say that the skills and training that I received from AUR have been carried with me through all my internships and jobs. I created great friendships and bonds at AUR and am proud to have attended it.

          • Testimony
            2007-2008, Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

            When in Rome

            I transferred to the American University of Rome right after I completed my 4 months study abroad experience through International Studies Abroad. I think I was hooked on Rome from the day I unpacked my suitcases. Of course, once classes started my first semester, the experience at the university made it hard to even think about the fact that I was not going to come back. Thinking about it, I did not had to convince myself that I had to transfer, I was already sold. While attending the American University of Rome, I was fortunate to study in Rome, to get a glimpse on politics in Brussels, to take a short class on business in Sicily and to spend some time studying business and Chinese language in China. I was able to be involved on and off campus and even got an opportunity to work at the university. Friends that I have made, who come from all corners of the world, are just an icing on the cake. My only regret after graduating is that I did not study all 4 years at AUR.

          • Testimony
            2003-2007, Bachelors

            Personal education, amazing location.

            My years at AUR were amazing. To avoid being too nostalgic, I'll focus on the objective benefits. The American University of Rome isn't a place where you'll be another number, another student, and one of hundreds in a class, or thousands on a campus. Instead, your professor will known your name. Where you're from. You'll be part of a community that feels more like a family. All of this while navigating Italy and Rome as a student. Being solidly footed in both the local environment as well as an expatriate society, you'll have the opportunities to meet people that you otherwise never would be able to - politicians, ambassadors, film directors, rocks stars, and more. Really a unique experience, all while still getting assignments done on time, expanding your mind, and having a fun student life. Which leads me to the location. All of the above happens in Italy. In Rome. A living, breathing museum that offers nightlight, food, shopping, culture, and history. Really no other place like it. On earth. AUR is great to start your 4 year education, or transfer in already completed courses from any appropriately accredited institution to finish your 4 years here.

          • Y

            I transferred from a community college in Los Angeles to complete my degree in Italian Studies at AUR. When I arrived in Rome I discovered that as cultured as I thought I was, it wasn't even close to the amount of cultural knowledge I would receive by attending such an international university; I not only learned from my professors, but also from my peers. If I had to choose, I would say that my favorite parts of AUR were the weekend courses – Food and Culture in Turin and Italian Mafia in Sicily – it’s where I met some of my closest friends and made incredible and unforgettable memories while learning more of the Italian culture. I still believe that I made the best decision of my life because AUR and the city of Rome really helped shape me into the independent person that I am today.