Harvard University - Bachelor's Degree

Harvard University (Harvard) is an Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Harvard offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs through Harvard College.

School Description

Harvard University (Harvard) is home to a vibrant and multicultural student community from over 80 countries. Students can choose from more than 3,000 courses covering diverse fields of study including Engineering Sciences; Government; Visual and Environmental Studies; Applied Mathematics; and Linguistics.

Harvard provides excellent education through its state-of-the-art research, learning, and recreational facilities such as modern classrooms, high-tech laboratories, libraries, museums, and athletic fields. With more than 400 student clubs and organizations on-campus, Harvard students have endless opportunities. Students benefit from the Office of Career Services (OCS) which offers career advising, job and internship opportunities, CV writing assistance, and career development resources. First-year international students are required to live in one of the dormitories in Harvard Yard and enjoy dining in the iconic Annenberg dining hall.

Bachelor Programs