Find Postgraduate in the UAE

Once students have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, they have the opportunity to apply to a postgraduate program. Postgraduate degrees encompass advanced programs including Graduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees, and Doctorate Degrees. Many postgraduate programs require at least two years of study in addition to a capstone project such as a thesis. It is possible to complete all educational work, from Bachelor’s to Doctorate, at a single university. On the other hand, it is also possible to earn different degrees at different schools. In fact, earning your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at different schools shows that you have a wide range of experience. One option to consider is to earn a postgraduate in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates contains a wealth of programs for university students. The region’s literacy rate is 90 percent, and there are many university branches within the UAE from countries around the world. Many universities in the UAE offer extensive postgraduate programs. However, it is important to remember that not every university may offer Master’s or Doctorate Degrees. If your chosen university doesn’t have a postgraduate program, you may be able to transfer credits to a university that does.

What Is a Postgraduate degree in the UAE?

Because a Bachelor’s Degree is typically required before pursuing higher education, postgraduate studies encompass Graduate Diplomas and higher. Students who are seeking to become professionals in a specific field of study usually opt to pursue a postgraduate education. The UAE has many different fields of study to choose from for postgraduate work. Students may be able to study areas such as:

  • Business
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering

There are even institutions that offer vocational training for fields that require hands-on work and experience in order to pursue higher education. If you are from the UAE, you can easily find local universities. Zayed University, City University College of Ajman, and Al Falah University are just a few examples. If you are a student from outside of the UAE looking to study within the region, there are other great options and also international branches of well-known institutions. Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and Manchester Business School in Dubai are a few such options.

Postgraduate work includes a specific number of classes in addition to a project or thesis involving either replicated, or original research. Graduate Diplomas and Master’s Degrees tend to lean toward replicated research while Doctorate Degrees require original. The precise capstone project largely depends on the type of program as well as the university.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Postgraduate degree in the UAE?

Because postgraduate education demonstrates a specific level of proficiency in a given field of study, students can expect a number of benefits:

  • Networking with other professionals in their field
  • Advanced career opportunities
  • Job placement assistance and internship access, depending on the university
  • New and original insight into their field of study or industry
  • Opportunity for focused study

One of the greatest benefits to pursuing postgraduate study is that you do not have to be a student who has yet to find a career. Master’s and Doctorate work is perfect for those who do not have a job as well as individuals already established in a career. In fact, postgraduate work offers an ideal opportunity to hone professional skills and demonstrate a willingness to continue learning.

Studying in the UAE also has the unique benefit of showing open mindedness and cultural acceptance. International students studying in the UAE have the opportunity to build international ties and expose themselves to new cultures and ways of thinking.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Postgraduate degree in the UAE?

A postgraduate education opens all kinds of career doors everywhere in the world. The type of career you may qualify for after earning a Master’s or Doctorate degree depends on your field of study. For example, earning a medical degree from a university in the UAE does not necessarily qualify you to practice medicine in the UK. There may still be additional licensing and examination requirements before you can enter a professional career. However, postgraduate degrees are useful in a variety of careers.

  • Medical doctor
  • Corporate executive
  • University professor
  • Primary and secondary school educator
  • Engineer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountant

A postgraduate degree does not necessarily guarantee automatic work as a professional. Graduates may still need to start out at an entry level position depending on experience. It is also common for entry-level careers to require at least a Master’s Degree.

There are many different programs available for postgraduate study in the UAE. Start looking for the right one for you today.