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Obtaining a Master’s in Australia can provide an academically and culturally rewarding experience. Australia is known for being a global research and education hub, and offers postgraduate education tracks that are aligned with the UK degree format. This provides an international appeal and flexibility for future study, as well as credibility when applying for jobs within the Masters’ field.

Along with the various academic opportunities, Australia has a rich history, enjoyable climate and beautiful landscape that attracts numerous tourists each year. Students get the chance to explore the region and emerge themselves in the rich culture of the various regions of the country. Whether visiting historic monuments, browsing the local shops, or stepping out into the night life, there are many new experiences to be had.

What is a Master’s Programme?

A Master’s degree is a degree programme pursued after completion of undergraduate studies. The focus of a Master’s does not have to be the same major as the Bachelor’s, though taking certain classes may be required for particular programmes. Similar to a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a Master’s degree focused in the arts or sciences. This degree programme allows students to delve even deeper into their chosen area of study, making them experts in their field. Depending upon the layout of the particular programme chosen, it may include an internship, which allows students to gain hands-on experience in the field before graduation. You may pursue this programme at institutions all over the world, including in Australia. A Master’s degree in Australia can provide a unique perspective on the topic of focus with its special programmes and offerings that are not found in other countries.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s degree?

Over the years the job market has evolved. It used to be that a high school diploma was enough to land a promising career. But now, a bachelor’s degree is required for many entry-level positions. One of the biggest benefits of obtaining a Master’s degree is that it gives you a step up amongst the competition. While more individuals are obtaining Bachelor’s degrees, not as many people go on to sharpen their skills with a Master’s. This helps to thin out the competition and place those graduates at the head of the line. This can lead to other notable benefits:

  • Higher earning potential for new employees
  • Opportunities for promotions and advancement for those already in the workforce
  • Skill mastery that provides access to challenging, yet rewarding work and greater job security
  • Enhanced credibility, especially when interviewers review resumes

These are just some of the perks of obtaining a Master’s degree. Along with outward achievements, this degree can also provide an internal feeling of accomplishment. It does take quite a bit of work and dedication to complete the programme, so completing it, is a feat that is not achieved by many. For those who consider themselves to be “life-long learners,” it also provides an opportunity for personal growth. As well as these general benefits, there are some major-specific benefits that graduates may enjoy.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s degree?

With a Master’s degree you can expect to achieve the same types of jobs that you might gain with a Bachelor’s degree. However, with this advanced degree you may be able to secure a higher position within the department. Also, by virtue of your degree you will automatically garner a higher pay. In fact, statistics have shown that there is a gap of 15-19% between pay for individuals with a Master’s degree versus a Bachelor’s.

If you are interested in pursuing certain career paths, a Master’s can help you to ascend the corporate ladder quickly. Especially amongst individuals looking to gain positions within any type of management position, a Master’s degree can help you to start off in mid- to upper-management, depending upon the industry. A few other careers where a Master’s can provide a head start include:

  • Software engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Financial advisors
  • Educators and programme directors
  • Marketers

When companies are looking for the best and brightest, higher education can help you stand out amongst the crowd. A Master’s degree in Australia can provide you with the knowledge to fulfill the various needs of a high-ranking position and place you strides ahead of your competition, all while exposing you to the beauty and history of this entrancing country.

Griffith University

Nathan, Australia

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  • USD 11,974Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Griffith University, located in Queensland, Australia, is a public research university, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees spanning the fields of Business & Government; Criminology & Law; Education; Engineering & IT; Environment, Planning & Architecture; Health; Humanities, Social Sciences & Languages; Music; Science & Aviation; and Visual & Creative Arts....

Charles Sturt University

Bathurst, Australia

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  • USD 16,969Average Tuition
  • 85%Acceptance Rate

CSU is committed to excellence in the courses it offers, in the experience of our students as part of our community, and in the depth and breadth of our research. Graduates of Charles Sturt University are helping to overcome the shortages in the professional workforce not only in regional Australia, but across the country and the world. Some of CSUs notables are Kieran M Moore FPRIA, Doug Bagley and Nicky McCall....