Find Master's in Sports in US

Master’s in Sports in US

A Master’s in Sports in US typically comes after a related Bachelor’s degree programme. The Bachelor’s degree need not be recent; many students work for years in between Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, although many others pursue them back to back. In any case, a Master’s in Sports offers diverse opportunities in programmes such as sports sciences and sports management. You could end up working with a professional sports team or opening a gym, for example.

When you pursue a Sports Master’s degree, you open up a world of potential in fields such as coaching, fitness, recreation and sports studies. With some programmes, it is even possible to study two disciplines at the same time.

What is a Master’s in Sports?

Many private and public universities in the US offer sports-related Master’s programmes. For instance, the University of California – Berkeley has a programme called Cultural Studies of Sport in Education. It studies such topics such as physical education philosophy in the US and the sociology of sport. Meanwhile, the Columbia University School of Professional Studies offers a Master’s degree in sports management. Among its goals, the programme aims to develop students’ critical-thinking skills and to pave the way to a sports-related career. Some international students take the principles they learn back to their home countries.

It is very possible to customise your studies depending on school size, what exactly it is about sports you wish to study and whether you want a primarily online or in-person approach. In any case, your skills in the following areas should develop:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Professional networking
  • Communications
  • Collaboration
  • Technology

At many schools, you need to write a thesis paper, but some schools let you take extra classes in lieu of the thesis. You should expect to undertake an internship or some sort of professional work experience.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Sports in US?

The US is full of reasons to get a Master’s in Sports.  As touched on above, there are many sports-related Master’s programmes in the country. Schools of all sizes and types offer them; if you want sun and sand, you can aim for a school in California or Hawaii. If you want to work in a certain sport, say, hockey, you may want to study in colder climates. If your aim is to take what you learn to your home country, you can study at a school that matches your specific needs. The US is a large country with diverse programmes.

Other reasons to get a Master’s in Sports in the US include:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Faculty members with hands-on experience
  • Mid-life career change
  • Career enhancement opportunities
  • Future plans to get a Doctorate degree

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Sports?

A Master’s in Sports lets you work in a wide range of careers. You could work as a professional sports agent, as a scout or coach, in marketing/public relations or in another type of job. Here is a look at a few possible careers in sports.

Coaches and scouts work for colleges and universities, elementary, middle and high schools, and for recreation agencies. Coaches focus on motivating and developing players, while scouts may recruit players or check out the competition. A sports instructor may serve in many of the same roles as a coach, but a sports instructor may work one-on-one or on special skills.

A marketing analyst for a sports equipment company may collect data, for example, on what the company’s consumers or clients need from their sports gear. The analyst may conduct research on which player jerseys have the potential to sell best and could be involved in developing marketing campaigns.

In short, the career possibilities with a Master’s in Sports are plentiful. You could work as a:

  • Coach
  • Scout
  • Instructor
  • Public relations official
  • Gym owner
  • Agent
  • Research analyst

For many of the above jobs, it is possible to work with a Bachelor’s degree. However, a Master’s gives you more opportunities and levels up your salary possibilities.
The US is a diverse nation that offers many variations on a Master’s in Sports. A substantial number of programmes have a global emphasis, which is especially attractive for international students or students who envision working overseas one day. Start today to explore your possible future in sports study.