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Master’s in Theology

The master’s degree is intended to be taken after undergraduate studies in order to continue your education. It provides many benefits to your career and allows you to enter more advanced positions. Those interested in religious studies may eventually desire to enroll in a Master’s in Theology. The master degree programs in theology are considered the minimum requirement to teach theology. To get started, research the program that meets all your needs.

What Is a Master’s in Theology?

The Mater’s in Theology has unusual prerequisites. Most master’s degree programs require just an undergraduate education in order to enroll. Additionally, the Master’s in Theology is intended to be taken after already earning a master’s degree in divinity. This means that you will have to spend four years earning a bachelor degree, and typically three years earning your Master’s in Divinity. If you are interested in teaching, one or two more years are required to complete the Master’s in Theology. Courses in this field of study include:

  • Ethics
  • Greek or Hebrew
  • Hermeneutics
  • Christian ministry
  • Systematic theology

In order to succeed in your career, you must figure out exactly which career path you intend to take. You will be at a huge advantage if you start figuring your specialisation out while still studying. Once you graduate, you will be able to jump right in to a career that matches your specific set of skills and knowledge.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Theology?

Earning a Master’s in Theology allows you to being working in the educational field, teaching theological courses in accredited schools. Students that complete a program in this field benefit from a boost to their career. There are some positions that can only be achieved with a master’s degree. Additionally, earning a master’s degree allows students to enter certain positions much fast by skipping much of the time it would take to advance up to them. Of course, the salary that it is possible to earn is much higher with a master’s degree. Finally, your career options are increased when you hold a Master’s in Theology.

It is also possible to enroll in a Doctor of Theology program after earning a Master’s in Theology. It may also be possible to enroll simply after earning a Master’s in Divinity and skip the Master’s in Theology. The Doctor of Theology is the terminal degree in religious studies, allowing graduates to enter the most advanced careers, and is considered equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Theology?

The Master’s in Theology is intended to allow graduates to become teachers in the field of theology. It is possible to work with any accredited school, teaching many different kinds of religious studies courses. There are many other jobs available in the field of theology, although the Master’s in Theology is designed specifically for this position. If you are interested in becoming a minister, you will be qualified after completing your Master’s in Divinity. It is also possible to work in social care or counseling.

Trinity College Dublin

Dublin 2, Ireland

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The Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is located in Dublin, Ireland. Situated in the multicultural European Capital, TCD offers undergraduate courses in a wide range of disciplines that come under the faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics and Science; and Health Sciences. ...

University of Chester

Chester, United Kingdom

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The University of Chester is one of the oldest universities in the UK. Founded in 1839, it is a public university situated in Chester, England. The University has dedicated faculties, through which it delivers master’s degree programs to local and international students. ...

St Mary's University London

London, United Kingdom

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St Mary’s University London (St Mary’s) is located in Twickenham, London. St Mary's offers over 50 master’s degree programs across its 4 academic schools, namely: Arts and Humanities; Management and Social Sciences; Education, Theology and Leadership; and Sport, Health and Applied Science....

Queen's University Belfast

Belfast, United Kingdom

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Queen's University Belfast (Queen's) is a public institution located along the University Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Queen's offers a wide range of master's degree programs across its three academic faculties namely: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering and Physical Sciences; and Medicine, Health and Life Sciences....

University of Dallas

Irving, United States

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The University of Dallas (UD) is a private Catholic university located in Irving, Texas, U.S.A. The school offers master’s programs in a wide range of subject areas through its dedicated faculties....

University of Dayton

Dayton, United States

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University of Dayton (UD) is a private institution located in Dayton, Ohio. UD offers more than 50 master's degree programs through its five academic schools namely, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Education and Health Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Law....

Drew University

Madison, United States

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  • 70%Acceptance Rate

Drew University, established in 1867, is a Liberal Arts institute within the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Honours system, and located in small town Madison in New Jersey near New York City, USA. The University offers a number of master's degree programs through the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and Drew Theological School....

Ashland University

Ashland, United States

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Valparaiso University

Valparaiso, United States

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Valparaiso University (Valpo) is a private university located in Indiana, United States. Valpo offers over 40 master’s degree programs through the Graduate School and the Law School....

Abilene Christian University

Abilene, United States

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Abilene Christian University (ACU) is a private university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The university is located in Abilene, Texas, United States and offers a range of master’s degree courses....