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Master’s in Statistics in the US

Students who choose to pursue a Master’s in Statistics from a university in the United States are given the tools necessary to gain a deep understanding of the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data they work with. They also work to become effective communicators and presenters of the results they find when relying on that data. These skills prepare them for rewarding careers in many different fields where understanding data and extracting value from it is vital. This includes opportunities in government, industry and business, universities, research labs and medicine.

What is a Master’s in Statistics?

A Master’s in Statistics is a graduate-level degree program that builds on the skills and experience students gained in their bachelor studies. Program requirements vary depending on the college or university offering the program, but most have similar structures and course offerings. For example, some programs may focus more on the theoretical side of statistics, while others may prepare students for specialties in applied statistics. Despite these differences, many of the courses will often have similar topics. These common course topics include:

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Survey methods
  • Measurement and assessment
  • Theory
  • Evaluation
  • Regression and analysis of variance

Courses may be taught in the form of lectures, seminars or research courses completed with a faculty advisor. Assessment for student work may come in the form of oral and written exams, research papers and individual course assignments.

Depending on the university requirements, students may be asked to take a certain number of courses, credits or both in order to complete the degree. Some departments may require a research project or capstone in which students demonstrate the breadth of the skills they gained in the program. This is usually completed at the end of the program as a requirement for graduation.

Most universities also have a minimum GPA requirement. If students fail to meet or exceed this GPA, they may be placed on probation, asked to repeat coursework in failed areas, or removed from the program. Many students take between one and two years of study in order to complete all requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Statistics in the US?

The opportunities for students who have completed advanced coursework in statistics are growing every day. Students can apply their skills to virtually any field that is in need of information gathering and analysis, which opens the doors to many potential career paths. Additionally, students who have graduated from a Master’s in Statistics program are better prepared and more desirable than their less-experienced peers to vie for many top positions. Students and graduates enjoy many more benefits, including:

  • Ability to pursue a PhD program.
  • Time studying and working under some of the most celebrated minds in statistics at some of the most prestigious universities in the nation, including Penn State, Columbia University, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Potential for a greater salary.

The increasingly high demand for statisticians makes it more likely that graduates will be able to find and keep relevant positions as they grow their careers in a difficult economic climate.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Statistics?

Most people who graduate from Master’s in Statistics programs in the US go on to become statisticians. The beauty of this degree is that it can be applied to virtually any industry. Graduates can choose to work in science, finance, computer science, engineering, and many other business and science fields of study. They may also work for manufacturing firms, pharmaceutical companies and motor vehicle manufacturers. Some common career titles include:

  • Statistician
  • Quality control statistician
  • Product developer
  • Business consultant

Salaries for these professions can range anywhere from $30,000 per year to $92,000 per year.

A statistician is responsible for gathering data, analysing that data and extracting value from it for a specific purpose. They then report their findings to their boss or employer, who then uses the information to help advance their work and agenda. They can specialise their work to involve certain areas of interest, such as economics, psychology, medicine, marketing and public health.

Choosing a Master’s in Statistics program from a US institution should be an easy choice. Simply determine which program offers the courses, requirement and notable professors that you need to help you achieve your career goals.

University Of California, Irvine

Irvine, United States

  • 80SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 28,000Average Tuition
  • 30%Acceptance Rate

The University of California - Irvine is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities with a campus in Irvine; a suburban area in California, U.S.A. Through its faculties, the university offers over master’s degree programs....

University of Illinois, Chicago

McHenry, United States

  • 190SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 42,430Average Tuition
  • 74%Acceptance Rate

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a public research university in Chicago, Illinois, United States and has 15 academic schools through which it offers interesting master’s degree programs in a wide range of subject areas....

Florida State University

Tallahassee, United States

  • 218SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 20,043Average Tuition
  • 55%Acceptance Rate

Florida State University, established in 1851, is a research-intensive University located on the oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida in its capital city of Tallahassee, USA. The University offers a number of master's degree programs from its various Colleges including Fine Arts, Business, Engineering and Arts & Sciences....

DePaul University

Chicago, United States

  • 221SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 52,402Average Tuition
  • 70%Acceptance Rate

DePaul University is a private Catholic University located in Chicago, Illinois, US. DePaul University offers master's degre programmes in fields including Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Social Sciences and more. DePaul University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to grant master's degree programmes. ...

University of South Florida

Tampa, United States

  • 264SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 15,900Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

The University of South Florida (USF) is a public research institution located in the city of Tampa, Florida, United States. The university has three campuses through which it delivers master’s degree courses in the fields of health professions and related programs, business, management, marketing, and related support services, biological and biomedical sciences, social sciences, psychology, architecture, liberal arts, education and visual and performing arts....

American University

Washington, United States

  • 290SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 31,500Average Tuition
  • 29%Acceptance Rate

American University (AU) is a student-centered research University located in Washington DC, USA. The institution offers 87 postgraduate master’s degree programs through its eight schools of Arts & Sciences, Business, Communication, Education, International Service, Professional & Extended Studies, Public Affairs and Law....

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, United States

  • 309SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 24,000Average Tuition
  • 73%Acceptance Rate

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is a learning and research institute in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. Students can choose from over 150 master’s degree programs at EMU. ...

University of South Carolina

Columbia, United States

  • 341SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 11,158Average Tuition
  • 65.2%Acceptance Rate

University of South Carolina (USC) is an American Public University founded in 1801. The university’s primary campus is located in Columbia, South Carolina, and it has dedicated faculties through which it offers master’s degree courses....

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, United States

  • 379SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 36,898Average Tuition
  • 45%Acceptance Rate

University of New Mexico (UNM) is an American Public University founded in 1889 and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Through its dedicated faculties, UNM offers master’s degree courses in a wide range of disciplines....

Florida International University

Miami, United States

  • 484SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 23,600Average Tuition
  • 50%Acceptance Rate

Florida International University (FIU) is Miami's first and only public research university. Located in South Florida, USA. FIU offers a wide range of master's degree programs....