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A master’s degree in mathematics in the UAE is usually earned after a student successfully completes a three to four-year undergraduate mathematics programme. A master’s degree delves into more complex mathematical topics and places more emphasis on critical thinking and theory than a bachelor’s degree. Entrance to a master’s programme is largely based on undergraduate grades and achievements. During a bachelor’s in mathematics programme, many students will be required to submit a thesis.

What is a Master’s in Mathematics in UAE?

In order to earn a master’s degree in mathematics, students in the UAE must successfully pass a certain number of courses. The degree usually takes two years to earn, as long as students are enrolled full-time. Throughout the programme, a strong emphasis will be placed on independent study, and some students may even publish academic material. A Master’s in Mathematics degree will usually incorporate the following into the curriculum.

  • Courses in advanced calculus and numerical analysis.
  • Electives such as differential geometry and chaos theory.
  • The application of mathematical formulas and theories.
  • Technology and computer-based courses.

As one can see, students will be expected to understand the most advanced elements of the subject. Depending on the institution, students are sometimes allowed to take courses that combine mathematics and business studies, such as financial mathematics. Some students may be able to enroll in a mathematics programme part-time.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Mathematics in UAE?

There are many reasons to earn a Master’s in Mathematics from the UAE. Here are some of the most common benefits of earning a master’s degree.

  • Mathematics is a highly versatile subject. This means that students will be able to find employment in any field that requires computation. Science, engineering, finance, accounting, economics, and architecture are just a few of the fields that utilise mathematics.
  • Many mathematics programmes in the UAE provide students with links to world class universities outside of the country. Students may be able to learn from professionals affiliated with research universities in the US and Europe.
  • A master’s degree provides students with access to higher salaries and increased career options. Companies value individuals with master’s degrees and those individuals are more likely to encounter advancement opportunities than non-educated workers.
  • After earning a Master’s in Mathematics, students in the UAE will be eligible to enroll in a doctoral programme. Doctoral programmes focus heavily on research and students in these programmes are more likely to focus on a specific topic within the mathematics field.

Every degree has its own unique set of benefits, but these are just a few of the benefits that master’s students may enjoy. The skills and knowledge learned during these years can be extremely valuable in the professional world. The benefits that each student reaps will depend on their career choice and academic record.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Mathematics in UAE?

As noted above, a Master’s in Mathematics is a highly versatile degree. This means that students may gain access to a multitude of career prospects and paths. Some students choose to remain in academia, while others prefer to enter the workforce after graduation. The career choices that you have access to can be heavily influenced by the country you choose to live and work in.

Many mathematicians choose to work in the fields of finance and economics. These individuals work as economists, risk managers, finance directors, and statisticians. They calculate and interpret data for various companies and organisations. Their skills are highly prized in the financial sector, which relies heavily on theoretical data and complex calculations. Risk managers help companies predict and analyse the risk of engaging in certain financial transactions.

Other students will want to work in the scientific and research fields. These individuals frequently find employment as university professors, academic writers, and researchers. Depending on their knowledge base, they may find be hired to work in the following positions:

  • Theoretical Mathematicians
  • Physicists
  • Statisticians
  • Scientific Computing

It is not uncommon for mathematics students to find employment in the engineering field since it relies heavily on numbers and figures. The computer industry also hires a large number of mathematicians. These individuals assist software developers, computer engineers, and other technology professionals with computational aspects of design and implementation.

Depending on your goals, a Master’s in Mathematics can have a major impact on your future and career options. Start your journey towards earning a master’s degree by researching a programme today.

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