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Get Your Master’s in Legal Management in the US

The law can be a very complex area to comprehend, involving aspects of several different industries. Thus, there truly is no right or wrong way to pursue a legal degree (or a legal career, for that matter). Whether you want to work as an attorney, or in some other capacity related to law, then a Master’s degree in legal management may be a great choice for you to pursue. 

When it comes to the American legal industry, business certainly is booming. Information shared by Pacific Research shows that US citizens spend more on litigation than any other country. They also spend more annually on tort proceedings than they do in other areas of life, such as new cars. With less than 15 cents of every dollar spent on litigation in America actually going to the litigant, it may be easy to see why so many choose to pursue careers in the US legal system. Earning a Master’s in legal management in the US could put you in great position to reap the benefits that the legal industry rewards.

What is a Master’s Degree in Legal Management?

Legal management is actually a hybrid field dealing with the areas of both law and management. Thus, some US colleges and universities offer such programs through their law schools, while others offer them through their graduate business schools. In fact, a Master’s in legal management may be so multidisciplinary that some are offered as Master’s of Arts degrees that focus primarily on theories and principles. While others are presented as Master’s of Science degrees that are based upon research and analytics. Whatever the program’s emphasis may be, you can often qualify for admission no matter what area of study your undergraduate degree was in.

The core principles of most Master’s in legal management programs offered in the US include:

  • Law
  • Management
  • Philosophy
  • Literature

As legal professionals are often asked to write and interpret complex briefs and documents; critical analysis and technical writing skills are also often emphasised in a legal management graduate degree program.

The vast majority of graduate legal management programs taught in the United States require two years of full-time studies to complete. The latter portion of these programs is comprised of elective coursework that may vary depending upon the career that you wish to pursue. If your goal is to work for a law firm, then your elective courses may include political science, business management or even marketing. If you hope to work as a court official, then your studies will likely focus on judicial proceedings and case administration. Many US schools offer joint Master’s in legal administration/Juris Doctorate programs aimed at students hoping to become lawyers.

Why Get Your Master’s in Legal Management in the US?

The primary reason why many choose to pursue a Master’s degree in legal management in the US is the flexibility that it offers. If you want to become an attorney, you almost universally have to possess a Juris Doctorate or its equivalent. While a graduate degree in legal management may help reinforce your decision to go to law school, it may also open your eyes up to other job opportunities in the judicial system. Your willingness to pursue such opportunities may be greater if you choose to enroll in a Master’s in legal administration course as opposed to committing yourself to a Juris Doctorate program.

The United States offers a number of distinct advantages to those seeking legal management degrees. Chief among these is the fact that several American schools rank highly on the Times World University Rankings for Master’s degree in legal management programs. These include:

  • Stanford University
  • The J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University
  • Notre Dame Law School
  • The College of William and Mary Law School
  • Temple University

Where Could a Master’s Degree in Legal Management Take You?

It has already been mentioned that a Master’s in legal management may be a good preparatory program for those who want to become attorneys. Yet this degree can also qualify you to work in a number of different legal careers. With your degree in hand, you could find work as a legal clerk, a paralegal, a public administrator or even as a legal or political analyst.

A legal career in any capacity is sure to offer you a lifetime’s worth of professional challenges and exciting opportunities. Earning a Master’s degree in legal management in the US may be the perfect way to prepare you for such a career.  

Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights, United States

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  • USD 16,600Average Tuition
  • 90%Acceptance Rate

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California State University - Long Beach

Long Beach, United States

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  • USD 15,666Average Tuition
  • 31%Acceptance Rate

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Saint Francis University

Loretto, United States

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  • USD 26,016Average Tuition
  • 69%Acceptance Rate

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National University

San Diego, United States

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