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Master’s in European Law in the US

A Master’s in European Law is a graduate-level degree program offered very selectively in the United States. Students within these programs are given the tools necessary to prepare them for valuable careers in the US and abroad dealing with European law. International students may find these programs particularly beneficial because they offer a new, outsider’s perspective on European law, and how it can be interpreted and improved to yield better results.

What is a Master’s in European Law?

Graduate students who participate in a Master’s in European Law are often required to take lectures, attend seminars and produce papers all dealing with the various aspects of European Law. Prospective students of these programs can expect to take courses in some or all of the following topics:

  • Comparative law
  • European Union law
  • Immigration law
  • Immigration business
  • Criminal law in Europe
  • Introduction to European law
  • Maritime Cargo and collision
  • Problems in International Trade and Investment
  • US Export regulation

Additional curriculum may include European integration, economic and monetary union and European procurement.

Some universities offer the Master’s in European Law, or the LLM in European Law, in conjunction with a JD degree. Boston University, for example, teams up with the Universite Pantheon-Assas, or Paris II, to allow students to study abroad while receiving credit for work at either institution. This is often only accessible to third year students who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and a desire to branch out into international law.

Master’s in European Law students are often evaluated using some tools commonly seen in programs in the US. Students must pass written and oral examinations, complete research and opinion papers, and give oral presentations. Students may also be required to research, write and defend a thesis they could publish. Alternatively, graduation requirements could mandate the completion of a capstone project, such as an extended research paper, dealing with one or more issues related to European law.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in European Law in the US?

Students who pursue and complete a Master’s in European Law are uniquely qualified to deal in international business matters. They are able to learn directly from law practitioners so they often receive inside knowledge about the various aspects of law and the personal experiences of their professors. International students who choose to study at a US university may gain unique insights into the law based on their own life experiences. Internships may also act as a great preparation for greater career options and increased salaries based on their qualifications.

All of these added skills and abilities work together to lead to greater career opportunities and greater salaries for ambitious graduates.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in European Law?

A Master’s in European Law is a very specialized program that leads to a very specialized career path. Individuals who choose to pursue these degrees often have their eye on a legal career in which they work closely with businesses or other organizations in their international dealings. Their unique knowledge of both US and European law sets them up to be one of the most valuable members of any business endeavor. Some of the most common professions include:

  • Corporate and private lawyer
  • Diplomat
  • Civil servant
  • Legal researcher
  • Policy analyst
  • Legal assistant

A corporate lawyer, for example, is responsible for ensuring that the businesses under its direction make good legal decisions in their transactions and practices. They must understand the laws and regulations of the nations involved in every transaction and contract in order to act as effective representatives of the corporations they work with. Like all other lawyers in the US, corporate lawyers are required to obtain a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school and pass the bar exam from the state in which they wish to practice law.

A diplomat is responsible for negotiating treaties, attending to state matters and representing the interests of their home nation. Apart from these responsibilities, diplomat job duties often vary depending on the nation they are engaging with and the needs of the state.

Master’s in European Law programs are sparse in the United States, but their offerings can be incredibly beneficial for those who wish to work in an international field. Look for a program that fulfills this interest and you will be well on your way to a deeply rewarding career.

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