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To make a living from playing an instrument or singing, you need the highest level of training. A Master’s Degree in Music from one of the top rated universities in Canada. Earning this qualification helps you to reach your career goals.

What is a Master’s Degree in Music?

It is an advanced degree that reinforces the professional skills of students. These programs require at least 24 months of full time study to complete. The range of musical expression is limitless, and students must select a focus. A specific instrument, style of music, singing, or the music of a culture are options.

Regardless of the specific discipline, coursework includes studies in:

  • Musicology
  • Music Theory
  • Conducting
  • Songwriting

Electives vary widely. Students have the option to learn about alternative ethnic music traditions or the way that music affects a person’s emotions and physiology. Those interested in the recording music must take classes to learn the latest in sound technology. Students also study the business aspects of the music industry.

For admissions, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Music majors are well suited for these programs. Other acceptable disciplines include Performing Arts, Liberal Arts, and some multimedia degrees. You will also need to provide an example of your musical skills in the form of a recording or live performance. Applicants must pass a standard entrance exam that demonstrates competent reading and writing skills.

To graduate, you will need to complete a master level project. While a thesis paper is acceptable, most students opt to create an original performance or work of musical composition. A panel of your instructors evaluates your project. You must prove that you have a developed a complete understanding during your studies.

What Are the Benefits of Master’s Degree in Music?

The individual instruction and constructive criticism you receive accelerates the development of your professional skills. You learn to be a better performer from feedback. You also learn to self-discipline and can set your own performance goals.

A Master’s Degree in Music is also a key ingredient to a career as a leader in the music industry. Your knowledge and skills allow you to achieve commercial success along with your artistic achievements. You are ready to:

  • Provide direction for other less skilled musicians.
  • Create and perform original music written.
  • Modify a score to fit within time constraints for live theater performances.
  • Critique the work of performers and offer analysis.

Your degree signals that you are a serious music professional to potential employers. It makes it easier to find stable work in a competitive industry and improves your job stability. A degree also qualifies you to apply for higher paying jobs and allows you to be more selective about projects that you work on.

After obtaining your master’s degree, you are ready to continue your education. A doctoral degree is highest level of education possible. This prepares you for a career as a university professor of music and researcher.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s Degree in Music?

Like many other creative professions, career musicians struggle with job stability. Expect this to be true early on. As you gain experience, you will find it easier to land paying jobs. Recording your music will give you product to sell, but this does not guarantee success.

To be truly stable as a musician, you must find work where your talents are routinely demanded. Career options for those with a Master’s Degree in Music include:

  • Freelance Instructor: Provide private lessons for students.
  • Public Educator: Create curriculum and teach music to groups of students.
  • Band Member: Obtain a job as a hired musician for an established performance group.
  • Recording Artist: Use your skills to create tracks of music.
  • Composer: Write original music for use in plays, television shows, movies, and commercials.
  • Critic: Analyze the performances of other artists and offer insights for the public.

Colleges in Canada are some of the best in the world. They offer quality education that is comparable to universities in the US. Canadian universities are more affordable. International students benefit from a welcoming multicultural learning environment and have plenty of financial support. All enjoy access to security, health care, housing, and merit based scholarship. Search through several options to find the best degree program that matches your career goals.

University of Regina

Regina, Canada

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The University of Regina (U of R) has campuses in Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. Home to 10 faculties, U of R offers masters degrees in a wide range of programs....