Find Master’s in Software Engineering

Master’s in Software Engineering

Master degree programs in Software Engineering provide an advanced study of specialised topics in software engineering. Students gain a deep understanding of software engineering practices and concepts. They will examine all aspects of developing and implementing a software project, including process costs and quality assurance. In addition to required overview and methods courses, students typically specialise in a particular type of software development such as web and networks, graphical interfaces and object-oriented software.

What Is a Master’s in Software Engineering?

A Master’s in Software Engineering is an intensive postgraduate program that covers advanced topics in the various stages of software design, development and maintenance. The typical Software Engineering curriculum includes a set of foundational courses covering practices, concepts and tools in software engineering. Students then choose an area of concentration and specialise in working on particular types of software. Some courses students can expect to take include:

  • Software Architecture
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Engineering Management
  • Ethics and Legal Issues in Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Metrics
  • Web Engineering
  • Object-Oriented Development
  • Verification and Validation
  • Graphical Use Interfaces

Many programs offer the choice of completing an individual thesis or a group project as part of the requirement for obtaining the Master’s degree. In addition to taking advanced courses in Software Engineering, students may also be able to take other computer science courses that are relevant to their area of study.

As technology develops, software design changes as well. Software Engineering Master’s students learn not just to design effective software that meets the needs of the user but to anticipate possible changes and evolution both in terms of needs and available technology. Students also learn how to maintain quality assurance once software is implemented as well as how to upgrade and adapt it.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Software Engineering?

A Master’s in Software Engineering program imparts not just the hard skills needed to successfully create software but also a variety of management, organisational and presentation skills that are important in any setting. Through multiple collaborative projects, students master the dynamics of effective and productive work in a group. Students also analyse and evaluate research as they figure out how to apply theoretical principles to solving real-life problems.

In the Software Engineering program, students are taught not just to come up with high-quality software but also to communicate their ideas logically and effectively throughout the process. Another valuable skill is producing written documentation of the development and implementation process. This hones the ability to write in a clear and organised manner about any topic.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Software Engineering?

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Software Engineering can boost your career and open up the way to working on high-level projects. Graduates can also find that this degree may qualify them for leadership and management positions at many types of companies. Career benefits may include qualifying for sophisticated work such as embedded software development. The  Master’s curriculum is also a good preparation for leading a software development team or taking a position as a project manager.