Find Master's in Engineering in UK

Master’s in Engineering in UK

The field of engineering is one of the largest and most encompassing professional areas. By earning a Master’s in Engineering in UK, you will be ready to specialise your skill set. Graduates of an engineering program can work in city planning, manufacturing, electronics, mining, physics, aerospace, chemistry, civil engineering, construction and more. The UK has excellent infrastructure set up for engineers, so it is a great choice for international students.

What is a Master’s in Engineering?

In the UK, Master’s in Engineering programs typically take four years after earning an undergraduate degree. Some universities opt to include a fifth year of study which typically heavily incorporates industry work. The Engineering Council registers those that seek to become engineers, officially making them Chartered Engineers. However, earning a master’s degree is only the first step. Chartered Engineers also must usually spend an additional four years working after graduating. After graduating, it is possible to pursue a Doctor of Engineering program, which is equivalent to a PhD. The Master’s in Engineering programs incorporate:

  • Research-oriented thesis assignments
  • Courses in multiple areas of engineering
  • Engineering theory seminars
  • Workshops and applicable laboratory experience

Because there are so many ways to apply the skills gained while earning a Master’s in Engineering, programs usually require students to focus their studies and work toward a more specific career in the engineering field. Whether you are interested in pursuing technology or architecture, or another engineering discipline, you will benefit from earning a master’s degree.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Engineering in UK?

One of the largest benefits that engineering students in the UK enjoy is the Chartered Engineer system. Being recognized as a Chartered Engineer is an impressive accomplishment. Additionally, reaching this level has many international benefits as there are over 180,000 registrants from all over the world. Other benefits for getting a Master’s in Engineering in the UK include:

  • Exceptional opportunity for international students to study abroad
  • Many of the best engineering programs in the world, including the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London
  • Opportunity to specialise to a more specific engineering focus
  • Broad and prosperous applications of the master’s degree

In addition to excellent career options and laying the foundation for more advanced engineering education, earning a master’s degree also opens the door to increases salaries from other lower-level engineering work.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Engineering?

UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering made it clear that the demand for engineering graduates exceeds supply and is only growing. There are many ways to focus your studies when in an engineering master’s program and just as many careers to enter after graduating. The first decision you must make is whether you want to pursue the practical or theoretical side of engineering. If you decide that you are interested in the latter, you should earn an academic degree and will likely be entering a career in education or research.

If, instead, you are interested in earning a professional master’s degree, you must decide which area you are interested in. One of the most common is in manufacturing and mechanics. These positions incorporate many aspects of engineering, including design, research, and development of any part of the process of turning raw materials into finished products.

The software engineer is another very common career choice for engineering students, but it is completely unique from most other options. Software engineers typically develop, test, and evaluate computer systems used in companies. System engineers have similar responsibilities that incorporate broader applications of computer science.

Another area of engineering that is completely different is city planning. These kinds of professionals work with community leaders to determine how to organise buildings and make an area as prosperous as possible. City planners must be familiar with city and country policies and zoning laws to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.

Because the engineering field is so broad in the UK, there are many other career options that graduates have, including:

  • Mining engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Engineering physicist
  • Construction engineer
  • Industrial engineer
  • Management

Students with an interest in design, creation, production, and processing should think about earning a Master’s in Engineering in the UK. There is a huge variety of schools and programs, so begin your search for an education that will develop the skills you need to begin your career.