Find Master’s in Engineering Management

Master’s in Engineering Management

Engineering offers a wealth of opportunities to innovate and develop solutions, and a Master’s in Engineering Management allows students to lead these projects. The program is designed to develop students’ abilities not only in the principles of engineering, but also in the practices that facilitate successful management in the field. This intersection of study makes the degree an attractive choice for students who want to jumpstart a career in engineering management. Schools in many locations around the world offer the program.

What is a Master’s in Engineering Management?

A Master’s in Engineering Management is a graduate-level degree that emphasizes theories of engineering and best practices for project management. These elements may be covered through interdisciplinary coursework and experiential learning in practicum and internships. There are a wide range of courses that might be included in the curriculum of the program. Some potential examples, however, include the following:

  • Technical Project Management
  • Engineering Management Strategies
  • Creative Engineering Problem Solving
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Network Communication in Context

These classes include coursework emphasizing both the engineering and leadership skills necessary to succeed in engineering management.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Engineering Management?

Training for a leadership role, honing engineering skills and learning about project management are just a few of many benefits a Master’s in Engineering Management can offer. The benefits you might derive from it depend on the trajectory you choose to take in your career. Some of the other advantages commonly enjoyed, though, include these:

  • Leadership skills developed throughout program equip graduates for management roles in nearly any sector.
  • Work experience is commonly gained through internships and other opportunities included in the curriculum.
  • An accredited Master’s degree qualifies graduates for further study of Engineering Management at the doctorate level.
  • The degree may qualify students for management positions that offer higher salaries.

There are plenty of reasons a Master’s in Engineering Management might be the right choice for your career.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Engineering Management?

A Master’s in Engineering Management can open doors to many potential occupations and opportunities. Perhaps the most common position sought is that of project manager for engineering-related projects. This is not the only option, however, and you might also find work as an application engineer, director of development or software specialist.

If you choose to pursue a project manager position, you can expect to apply the knowledge gained from the program in a number of ways. Some of these include the following:

  • Plan tasks for completion of project within designated timeline
  • Establish goals for the project’s activities
  • Develop criteria to measure success and performance by
  • Budget the costs of working on and completing tasks
  • Oversee team members to ensure everybody is satisfying their role
  • Collaborate with upper management to ensure compliance

Each of these responsibilities draws on skills developed through Master’s in Engineering Management coursework.

There are many career choices in which you can exercise the knowledge gained from your Master’s in Engineering Management. If you are ready to discover the opportunities, you can begin researching the many universities throughout the US, UK and entire world that offer the degree.