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Master’s in Construction Engineering in Canada

Students who earn a Master’s in Construction Engineering learn engineering and design principles applicable to the heavy construction industry. Canada is home to a highly reputable construction engineering program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Students who choose to pursue a degree in Canada also get to experience construction engineering in action in the nation’s many modern, growing cities.

What Is a Master’s in Construction Engineering?

A degree in construction engineering prepares students to engage in the design, construction and management of buildings and related infrastructure. Coursework covers a wide variety of topics that typically include the following:

  • Principle-based approaches to problem-solving in engineering.
  • Building science and materials.
  • Technical aspects of construction including acoustics, heat and mass transfer and ventilation.
  • Laboratory research.
  • Elective specialty courses.
  • Comprehensive research project.

Master’s in Construction Engineering programs are designed to give graduates an integrated understanding of all facets of building construction. Both fundamental and technical aspects of construction engineering are covered in addition to in-depth specialty research.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Construction Engineering in Canada?

A Master’s in Construction Engineering offers a number of benefits:

  • Career opportunities in almost every part of the country and the world.
  • Higher salaries than those available to workers with only an undergraduate degree
  • Entry into an industry that is one of the largest in Canada.
  • Positive future job outlook as the occupation is projected to continue to grow.
  • Qualification to hold leadership positions in the construction industry.
  • Plenty of onsite work in addition to office work.
  • Opportunity to apply both creative and organizational skills in tangible ways.

Choosing to get your degree in Canada has a number of benefits as well. The British Columbia Institute of Technology – School of Business has produced thousands of graduates that now work all over the world in a variety of fields. Some of the best reasons to study in Canada include the following:

  • Opportunity to experience the results of the budding construction industry – Canada’s state-of-the-art cities and infrastructure
  • Hospitable national culture that is welcoming to international students
  • Rich educational tradition and high academic standards

Construction engineering is an exciting field to be in, and Canada is a great place for students to live and study.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Construction Engineering?

Construction engineers are involved in just about every type of construction. Bridges, roads, airports, residential buildings, tunnels, dams, sewage treatment facilities and more all require the input of construction engineers.

Although daily tasks vary depending on the project, construction engineers are typically involved in every stage of construction. Among the normal job duties of a construction engineer are the following:

  • Creating plans for new projects.
  • Analysing survey reports, government regulations, projected costs, potential risks and other data.
  • Running tests of building materials to determine suitability for project.
  • Using design software to create digital models of proposed projects and individual features of projects.
  • Designing infrastructure within and surrounding a construction site.
  • Overseeing maintenance and repair on completed structures.
  • Present information and findings to the public or government agencies as part of proposals or environmental impact assessments.
  • Designing and ensuring the safety of temporary structures used by workers to perform construction.

A Master’s in Construction Engineering may also lead to administrative or supervisory jobs. In addition to managing construction sites, construction engineers often serve in roles such as public works directors and city managers. The private sector is a huge employer of construction engineers as well. Career opportunities are also available in research and teaching.

A new but important trend in the construction engineering industry is a focus on renewable energy and protecting the environment. Organizations and governments have begun to push these considerations to the forefront of their construction plans. Construction engineers, therefore, will continue to see more opportunities to participate in eco-friendly projects in the near future.
A Master’s in Construction Engineering in Canada provides a highly desirable pathway to a diverse set of career options. Canada in particular offers many unique opportunities for both students and professionals. If you hope to become a construction engineer, a Canadian school is an ideal choice. Start researching schools and get started on the road to your degree.