Find Master’s in Teaching

Master’s in Teaching

After completing a bachelor’s degree program, it is possible to continue your education and gain a significant advantage in your career. The master’s level of education is intended to provide advanced studies in a field and allow you to jump into successful careers. If you are interested in teaching or otherwise entering the educational field, you can pursue a Master’s in Teaching. The first step is to research several master degree programs in teaching to find one that appeals to you.

What Is a Master’s in Teaching?

The Master’s in Teaching is a Master’s of Arts that typically takes either one or two years to complete. Programs in this field have a focus on teaching students practical skills that will help them become teachers. Most of the foundational knowledge that is specific to whichever subject you hope to teach is usually gained during your undergraduate education. This process typically requires four years. In addition to traditional study, the Master’s in Teaching involves working as a fulltime student teacher in order to learn teaching practices firsthand.

It is also possible to enroll in a Master’s in Education. This kind of program is suited for those that are interested in education administration positions or as councilors. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, it is much more beneficial to enroll in a Master’s in Teaching. Programs in this field include:

  • Extensive examination
  • Required teaching internship experience
  • Secondary general classes in your chosen subject
  • Combination of hands-on and lecture style courses

Before you enroll in a Master’s in Teaching, it is important that you understand exactly what kind of teacher you wish to be. The knowledge you need to have in order to successfully teach is usually gained primarily in a bachelor degree program, so you will already know your intended specialisation by the time you are able to enroll in a master’s degree program.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Teaching?

The primary benefit that students gain by enrolling in this program is to their career. After completing your Master’s in Teaching, it is possible to begin working in the educational field. This is a particular area that it is nearly impossible to enter with less education. For some secondary positions, it may be possible to enter them and work your way up eventually, however. Students also benefit from an increase in the salary that they can earn.  Finally, if you intend to become a more advanced teacher, such as a university professor, earning your master’s degree allows you to enroll in more advanced educational programs to earn your doctorate.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Teaching?

The typical career path that earning a Master’s in Teaching prepares graduates for is an elementary or middle school teacher. When teaching lower grades, you will gain a general education in order to teach students the foundation of all subjects. If you are interested in teaching higher grades, you will likely need to gain a more in-depth education in a particular subject. In order to become a teacher, you will also have to complete certain licensing requirements, which are specific to your country.