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Master’s in Latin in Canada – Take Your Language Skills to the Next Level

The Master’s in Latin degree is designed to appeal to students who want to study an ancient language. Looking back at an archaic language can help prepare students for some of today’s challenges. In Canada, you may find programs that offer this degree in their graduate course schedules. Students who go on to study Latin in their postgraduate education usually have a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in some other language.

What Is a Master’s in Latin?

The language of Latin was first spoken in Ancient Rome thousands of years ago. Throughout history, the language has evolved into several modern Romance languages, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. Latin itself is not an official language in any region of the world. The most common use of spoken Latin is in the Catholic church. Others have put Latin to use in their studies when learning about the origins of words. In the most prestigious secondary schools in the world, Latin studies may be part of the curriculum. When it comes to postgraduate study, programs in Latin are few and far between. Some Canadian educational institutions that offer graduate programs in Latin or classical languages include the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia and McGill University.

Your studies leading to a Master’s in Latin degree may have you finishing your program in about two or three years. In some programs, you may need to demonstrate proficiency in an additional language besides Latin, such as French or Italian. You may also be required to conduct extensive reading of Latin texts. Common class topics for a Latin program include:

  • Principles of Latin: Throughout the course of study, students are expected to gain a strong set of skills in speaking, listening, reading and understanding Latin.
  • Classical Mythology: Students may learn about the Roman and Greek myths and analyse their purpose to these societies.
  • Roman Literature: Students spend much of their time reading the major authors of the classical age, including Virgil, Ovid and Cicero.  
  • Word Study: Using Latin skills and other background knowledge, students break apart words and analyse the origins.
  • Examination Requirement: Many graduate language programs may require students to complete an oral and written examination in Latin before completion.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Latin in Canada?

A Master’s in Latin degree equips students with a unique set of written and verbal communication skills. This exposure to one of the founding languages of classical civilisation helps students gain more understanding in a variety of other languages. The study of Latin is also helpful with your English vocabulary understanding. An advanced degree is also a key way of gaining more opportunity to your career or getting more money throughout your work.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Latin?

With a Master’s in Latin degree, you get access to many skills that are marketable to all sorts of employers. Latin degrees can take you into careers related to education, academia, religion or publishing. It is also common to see people who focused on Latin or classical studies to find work in museums. Some graduates use a Latin degree to propel them into further study for another related subject or language.

The most common job title for those with a Master’s in Latin is a teacher. Typically, a prestigious Latin degree can qualify an individual to gain a position in a top educational setting. Schools that have Latin programs are most likely to need your services, but it is also common for Latin degree holders to teach Secondary humanities courses. If you want to continue working at the university setting, some researcher jobs are also available to those with graduate credentials in Latin. A college instructor with a Latin degree is not as common, so your focus in this language may help you stand out among other applicants. Work as a translator is also possible in some instances. Ancient or modern texts that need to be deciphered can sometimes be tackled by those with Latin understanding. Support positions within the Catholic church may also be available to you. Finally, with top skills in writing, you may also find yourself working as a writer for a variety of publications.

Choosing a Master’s in Latin program can help you show off your intellectual strength to future employers. Find out how this type of program can help you achieve what you want most in life.