Find Best Master’s in French Program in the US

Master’s in French in the US

A Master’s in French is a post-baccalaureate degree that is focused on providing students with the advanced knowledge, skills and experience necessary to succeed in careers where knowledge of the French language and culture can be an asset. These programs are available throughout the US at a great number of colleges and universities. Dedicated graduates can place themselves at the front of the candidate pool with this degree due to its great benefits in international trade, business and education.

What is a Master’s in French?

A Master’s in French requires more than just mastery of the language. Students delve deep into the rich history, culture and customs of the French people to help give them a valuable, unadulterated perspective on how this group of people lives, what makes them special and how to preserve their heritage.

Course requirements are often focused on one of four areas: language, literature, history and customs. In some programs, these areas of study are also used as concentrations in which students can specialise. No matter what concentration areas students may choose, they must also complete a certain number of credit hours in some courses common to the discipline. Some courses students may expect to take while in a Master’s in French program include:

  • French linguistics and terminology
  • Spoken and written translation
  • Cultural studies
  • History of the French
  • Reading in French
  • Writing in French

Some Master’s in French programs are specifically designed to be a pathway to a PhD in the discipline. These programs do not allow admittance to students who wish to only receive a master’s degree, which is considered a terminal degree. However, many universities have chosen to combine their terminal and PhD track programs and instead offer a thesis and non-thesis option. A thesis option is required for students who wish to pursue a PhD, while a non-thesis option requires students to perform additional coursework or an extensive, high quality research paper prior to graduation. Programs may be completed in one to two years, depending on full- or part-time status.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in French in the US?

When students choose to pursue a Master’s in French from a US university, they are given incredible opportunities to study a valuable discipline with some of the greatest minds in the nation. Professors from all over the world are recruited to teach at these universities, many of which are widely known for their programs. Students receive a world-class education that can help them do amazing things on many different career paths. Students may also experience some additional benefits during and after their time in these programs:

  • Greater potential for a higher salary.
  • Opportunity to move on to study French in a PhD program.
  • Greater opportunities for career placement.
  • Ability to use their skills in global markets and trade.
  • Enjoy the culture and experience of many world-renowned college campuses, including Johns Hopkins University, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, University of California, Davis, University of Washington and Penn State.

Because French is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world with more than 220 million people speaking it every day, those who know the language and culture of these people will experience distinct advantages over those who do not. This can lead to successful careers in international affairs, education and commerce.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in French?

Career options for graduates of a Master’s in French program in the US are diverse. Many students choose to become foreign affairs officers, teachers, editors, translators, and writers. Others find great success in serving as public administrators, diplomats, and travel agents. Additional career options may include diplomat, embassy worker, international agency worker and journalist.

Diplomats act as representatives of their home nation. They travel to other countries to engage in discussions of foreign relations and ensure that their home nation’s interests are being kept a priority. Ambassadors are the highest ranking diplomats in an area and may have control of an embassy. Some common roles diplomats play include attending state dinners, negotiating treaties, and arranging visas for travelers. Their main purpose, however, is to represent the interests of their home nation.

US universities offer a large number of Master’s in French programs for students to choose from. Simply align program offerings with your own goals and choose the program that is right for you.