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Master’s in Education in Canada

Students who are looking to obtain a post-graduate degree in the field of education may be interested in applying for entrance into a Master’s in Education program in Canada. A number of top universities in the country and across the world offer this esteemed program to people who wish to expand their skill set and improve their ability to obtain a position in this growing field. A career in education allows people to empower others and better lives through the act of teaching.

What is a Master’s Program in Education?

A Master’s in Education can further prepare international students for an advanced career in teaching, education science, childhood education, educational technology, administration and many other sub-fields in this important area. Scholars will be taught crucial leadership, academic and curriculum skills that they will be able to use in all areas of their career, as well as their lives in general.

In some cases, prestigious educational facilities and businesses will only higher teaching professionals that hold a Master’s degree in Education.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Education?

People who graduate with a Master’s in Education will have the ability to change peoples’ lives by giving them the power of knowledge. In addition, graduates will find that they have an expanded depth of knowledge from which they can teach from. A Master’s in Education degree can also be used as a stepping stone to achieving a Doctorate in Education.

People who graduate with a Master’s in Education from one of the top universities in Canada can often expect to earn a higher salary than professionals who have only an undergraduate degree. In addition to a higher pay range, graduates have more advanced career options to choose from.

Here are just a few of the advantages students can enjoy by choosing an accredited Master’s of Education program in Canada:

  • Programs offer varying specialties, such as educational technology, administration, counseling, instruction, curriculum design and development, as well as corporate training.
  • Students can find a university that focuses on a program matching their specific interests.
  • Tuition expenses vary from university to university, allowing students to select a school that best meets their financial needs.

Whether prospective students wish to study in Montreal or Nova Scotia, there are many top-rated universities set in prime locations throughout the country. Students can receive an education from HEC Montreal, University of Northern British Columbia, University of New Brunswick or Acadia University just to name a few.

What Kind of Career Can you Expect with a Master’s in Education?

Obtaining a Master’s in Education opens the doors to many new career opportunities. People who love to pass their knowledge on to others in the classroom will find that they have more options in the field of education.

Not only are there advanced teaching positions available, but post-graduate degree holders may choose a leadership role by becoming a principal or director of an educational institution. Directors work to improve a school’s curriculum, organise events, maintain proper class sizes and manage the daily operations of the institution. Principals and directors can work at any level of education, from elementary schools to international universities.

Academic counseling is another area of interest for people who graduate with a Master’s of Education degree. Counseling enables professionals to use their reasoning and relational skills to help students choose a career path that they are passionate about. Counselors also help students traverse their way through their educational programs. Educational counselors give students the tools that they will need to successfully navigate through school.

Post-graduate degree holders who have a passion for technology may be interested in developing, evaluating and implementing educational software programs. This technology can be used in all types of educational settings to help enrich students’ lives and accommodate the learning process.

People who have a post-graduate degree in education may decide to branch out into the business industry by designing and delivering training programs. They can also develop other educational tools to help businesses and corporations. There is really no limit to the many positions that are available to people who hold this advanced degree.

Obtaining an advanced degree in education can not only help people better their own lives, but can help to better the educational endeavors of many people in the future.