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Master’s in Arabic in the US

A Master’s in Arabic is an advanced degree program offered at universities throughout the United States. Because Arabic is a language that is important in many major areas of the world, students who engage it its study are given clear advantages in many educational and business endeavors. This type of degree is also becoming even more valuable to governments dealing with international affairs, as Arabic-speaking nations are increasing in importance every year. This makes individuals with the skill set earned in a Master’s in Arabic highly coveted by many different government and international organisations.

What is a Master’s in Arabic?

Master’s in Arabic programs are specifically designed to provide graduate training to students in the history, customs and language of Arab people. These programs are often combined with Islamic studies because Islam is so deeply embedded in the customs, traditions and culture of many Arab-speaking people. This understanding assists students in both learning the language and understanding the culture of the people as a whole.

Master’s in Arabic programs throughout the US are often structured in similar ways. There are core requirements, which usually consist of language, literature and culture. There may also be electives offered which help students focus their degrees on their own interest areas. Programs often require students to complete between 12 and 20 credits with a grade point average greater than a 3.0 in order to be eligible for graduation.

Many Master’s in Arabic programs are customizable, so students can still gain the cultural and linguistic expertise they need while honing specific skills that will work for them and their goals for the future. In some cases, universities allow students to combine the Master’s in Arabic with another certificate program, or with another degree program, awarding them a dual degree upon completion of all coursework.

Due to the specific information covered, many of these programs have similar requirements and course offerings. Language-related coursework may include the following topics:

  • Literature
  • Islam
  • Arabic Linguistics
  • Arabic morphology and syntax
  • Dialects
  • History of Arabic linguistics
  • Teaching Arabic as a foreign language
  • Classical Arabic phonetics.

Additional classes involved with Arabic literature, such as poetry and short stories, may also be offered. Courses on the Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic civilisation and history may also be considered integral to many programs.  

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Arabic in the US?

The benefits of pursuing a Master’s in Arabic from a US university are distinct. Arabic is a critical language in foreign relations at this time, so graduates with advanced degrees are more valuable than ever in the US and in nations around the world. Because of this, many graduates may have their choice of careers.

Additionally, for those who are interested in applying their skills to the business world, graduates from these programs have a clear advantage while working with people of Arab nations because they have a clear understanding of the customs, language and traditions that these people hold dear and which influence practically every aspect of their lives. Therefore, these skills can lead to more lucrative careers for graduates.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Arabic?

A Master’s in Arabic prepares students for a wide variety of careers in government as well as the private sector. Arabic is important to practically every industry in the world, so students can be successful no matter where they choose to use their skills. Some common career paths may include:

  • Higher education
  • Business
  • Banking
  • Translation services
  • Foreign services
  • Government Intelligence

Arabic translators are incredibly important around the world. For foreign nationals who are new to the US or simply visiting, translators are essential to proper effective communication. In a typical day, a translator may be responsible for translating speech directly, translating recordings of speech in a number of dialects, and translating documents. While most Arabic translators find work in the public sector dealing with military and intelligence matters with the NSA, CIA and Homeland Security, some translators stick with the private sector in strictly non-government roles.

A Master’s in Arabic can take students on many career paths. Determine what your goals for your future career are and then choose a corresponding program to help get you there. Once you apply to a program, you will have officially taken your first step toward a new, rewarding career.


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