Find Master’s in Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom

Top Master’s in Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom

It seems like every day there is some new computer application, gaming console, or operating system hitting the market. Technology is an important part of modern society. There are many careers related to computers, but first you need a foundation in how computers work. A Bachelor’s degree provides you with the basics you need to step into many entry-level jobs. However, many employers nowadays prefer even entry-level employees to have a postgraduate education. If influencing the technological development of the future interests you, then you might consider earning a Master’s in Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom.

What Is a Master’s in Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering focuses on the development, execution, and maintenance of software, operating systems, and security systems related to computers. This covers a wide range of subjects. Many university programs have students choose an area of specialisation on which to focus their studies. The degree usually takes about two years to complete and may include a capstone project. Some specialised areas of study might include

  • Architecture of Computers and Hardware. This includes study of embedded systems, codes, and circuit design.
  • Networks and Communication. Students study physical and wireless networks and communication structure, including advanced coding theory and algorithms.
  • Software. This involves the study of advanced software design and data structure.
  • Cyber Security. Students learn about protecting networks and data through security measures such as cryptography.

In order to get into a Master’s program in the UK, applicants must first earn a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer engineering. In addition to meeting academic prerequisites, students might need to sit a postgraduate school entrance examination. International students must provide proof of English language proficiency because English is the primary language of the UK. You can contact the university to find out which proficiency examination scores are acceptable for your application. Online courses may also be available for students who require distance learning options. This is also a suitable option for anyone who wishes to maintain a full-time job while earning their degree. You will need to thoroughly research your university and program of choice to see if they offer any courses or degrees online. Some of the top UK university options for computer engineering include

  • King’s College London
  • University of Birmingham – College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • University of Glasgow – School of Engineering
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Loughborough University
  • University of Derby
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • University of Essex

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Computer Engineering?

Because of its popularity in society and its bright future ahead, there are many benefits to earning a Master’s in Computer Engineering. This type of program provides you with an advanced education in creating your own software and troubleshooting computer problems. When you earn your degree at a UK university, you also have access to the latest equipment and software. University faculty members are usually experts in their field, allowing you the opportunity to create a professional network as you learn. In addition, the UK is a country rich in history and culture, and you get to experience that as you complete your degree.

After earning your Master’s degree, you may find better opportunities for employment than with just a Bachelor’s degree. You stand out more to employers, and you might even qualify for higher wages or promotions. In the long run, graduates with a postgraduate education have the opportunity to learn more than those with just an undergraduate degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Computer Engineering?

Although a Master’s in Computer Engineering is not necessarily as comprehensive as a degree in computer science, there are still many career opportunities. You may find yourself applying to just about any job that requires computer competence. Many graduates go on to build computers and work with a variety of electronics. Your degree might qualify you to work in such industries as

  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Programming
  • Automotive
  • Criminal Justice
  • Research and Development

Some positions might require advanced certification or licencing. Others might benefit from graduates going on to earn a doctorate degree. It is important to research your desired career requirements in advance so that you can select the appropriate program to meet your needs.

The UK is home to many excellent programs for earning a Master’s in Computer Engineering. Start looking for yours today.