Find Master’s in Animation

Master’s in Animation

Animation is a series of images that create a simulation of movement. In Master degree programs in animation, students with a background in the discipline further their studies and expertise. They do so to advance their knowledge or career prospects.

What Is a Master’s in Animation?

In a Master’s in Animation program, students receive a more in depth education in animation and different aspects of the field. Master degree programs in animation are well suited for individuals looking to create exceptional and original animated artwork and films. In such programs, students typically explore the history of animation, as well as animation principles and artistic issues. Specific techniques and skills can be developed that allow students to become expert animators. Programs may require students to create films that are to be critiqued by faculty members. Through different types of projects, students will be encouraged to develop their own personal visions. They may also be challenged to push the boundaries in terms of potential and abilities. Master degree programs in animation are designed to help students hone in on their skills and understand animation as a means of expression.

Depending on the focus of the program, students can learn how to solve creative problems. Additionally, programs can focus on professional skills development necessary for competition in art and design on the global level. Various topics included in a Master’s in Animation program can include storyboarding, visual effects, modeling and 3D animation.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Animation?

Earning a Master’s in Animation is a beneficial goal to achieve. Individuals who complete animation degrees can become dynamic animators with multiple skills that are highly marketable in the industry. If you have an undergraduate degree in the field, learning at the graduate level is a great idea in terms of employment. With a Master’s, graduates can move up in their current positions or pursue higher paying jobs due to their knowledge and skillsets. Additionally, postgraduate degree programs are advantageous for those looking to expand their knowledge of a particular subject area.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Animation?

Individuals who complete Master degree programs in animation can experience animation career options that are dynamic and diverse. Animation professionals can work on much more than just animated films and cartoons. For instance, animators are needed to work on action movies that feature special effects. They even work on video games, commercials and many more types of projects. Animators are responsible for creating animations, visual images and effects with computers and other types of electronics. Aside from movies, shows and games, these professionals may also work to design aminations for websites, recreate crime scenes and produce virtual building tours.

Some various job titles in the industry include 3D animator, 2D animator, modeler, technical director, character animator, stop motion artist and storyboard artist. Successful professionals in the field have excellent attention to detail and are masters of the art of movement.

If you are passionate about animation and would like to further your studies, search for schools that offer Master degree programs in animation today.