Find Top Master’s Degree Programs in Commerce

Master’s in Commerce – A Postgraduate Degree for Your Future

The Master’s in Commerce degree is a specialised program that aims to give students the tools and skills needed for a career in business or finance. Instead of preparing students for a management role, this degree focuses on specific knowledge and topics for various industries of commerce. Additionally, with Master degree programs in Commerce, students get a large amount of exposure to economic theory and scholarly research. Programs around the world offer various specialisations within the general subject of commerce as well. Most universities require that students have completed a Bachelor’s level degree related to business before advancing to the postgraduate program.

What Is a Master’s in Commerce?

A Master’s in Commerce focuses on analysing aspects of trade and economics throughout the world or within one locale. Most courses of study give students background in finance, economics, business, statistics and accounting. Students work to understand economic and trade theory and often get an overview of the international financial climate. Some students may want to further focus their studies on one specific part of commerce. This may give them an advantage in hiring for a specialist position after graduation. Depending on the country of study and the program, you can expect to complete your course of study in between one and three years. Some of the top programs around the world that offer a Master’s in Commerce degree are The University of Auckland New Zealand, The University of Virginia, George Mason University, Curtin University and Charles Sturt University. Some of the subjects you may explore within your coursework include:

  • Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
  • Global Trade  
  • Independent Research Project in Commerce

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Commerce?

Getting a Master’s in Commerce is the best way to get ready for an exciting career within the international finance stage. This type of degree also gives you an advantage because of the specific knowledge you have learned. Throughout your coursework, you learn important analytical skills that can benefit you in almost any type of field. You also gain access to some of the higher paying jobs within the world of business and finance.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Commerce?

In most cases, people with a Master’s in Commerce degree end up going into the field of finance or business upon graduation. In finance, common job titles include investment banker, financial planner or financial analyst. Within the business world, former students can sometimes work as consultants or business developers. Some graduates go on to the field of accounting as auditors or accountants. It is also possible to work in the field of advertising or marketing as a market researcher, brand developer or product manager. This degree may also be the key to a career in information technology as a business analyst. Finally, some students elect to work towards another higher degree, such as a law degree or doctorate.

Master degree programs in Commerce may help you be part of the financially rewarding field of finance and business. Find out how you can get into the right program for your needs, and get started on your dreams.