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Master’s in Communication in the UK – Get More From Your Career

As far as career opportunities go, no one field is more versatile than communication. For individuals who want to get more out of their career, a Master’s in Communication may be appropriate. You can get access to a higher starting salary with more education and find more job openings. Schools in the UK that offer this postgraduate degree usually require a four-year university degree to apply.

What Is a Master’s in Communication in the UK?

A Master’s in Communication degree is a general degree that covers many fields related to mass communication and writing. There are various specialisations in this field of study including advertising, corporate communication, marketing, public relations and much more. In a program for advanced communication coursework, various methods of written and verbal communication may be analysed and practiced. Depending on the type of communication, you may create a portfolio of work that demonstrates skills in writing. You may also spend time developing and perfecting a message. Some schools in the UK that offer a Master’s in Communication program include University of Leicester, Cranfield University, University of Westminster and University of Surrey.

Studying on a full-time basis for your graduate degree in the UK takes about one year. If you can only commit to part-time study, you may finish in two years. Most graduate programs offer coursework to students from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds. While there are plenty of ways to develop a deep understanding of specific types of communication, here are some general courses that may be part of any communication graduate course of study:

  • Professional Writing: At the core of any communication program is learning about best ways to communicate in writing. Students must be able to put their ideas in writing using concise and clear language.
  • Communication Strategies: In a course like this, students evaluate strategies organisations have used in the past to convey a message.
  • Social Media Communication: In today’s environment, this course provides students with the social media awareness that is necessary to succeed in business.  
  • Integrated Communication: This type of course looks to bring together various working departments from an entity, such as public relations, advertising and in-house communication.
  • Research Project or Portfolio: At the conclusion of the degree, some students are expected to either present original research or put together a portfolio of their best written work.

What Are the Benefits of a Master’s in Communication in the UK?

Learning how to be a better communicator is one way you can benefit from studying in a Master’s in Communication program. When you have these skills, you can speak and write more effectively. An advanced degree also gives you more choice when it comes to your career. With the large amount of college graduates in the workforce, those with advanced degrees can get an advantage in getting hired. If you are already part of an industry, you may see more money with this type of degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Communication?

Recipients of a Master’s in Communication degree have a wealth of numerous opportunities for job prospects. Depending on your skills and interest, you may find work in writing, advertising, public relations, marketing, business, web design, politics or other fields. Any field that requires communication from one group to another may look to graduates for help in designing a message. The more specific you delve into your studies; the better chance you have of landing a more specialised job.

If you are interested in public relations or advertising, you could find work writing press releases or working on advertising campaigns as an account manager. A company’s marketing department is also a setting in which communication graduates may find a place. Within the corporate world, there are often job openings in the field of corporate communication. Online organisations and web design companies often employ communication degree holders to help navigate the world of social media. Politicians and other government organisations have a need for individuals to help with messages. In press conferences and speeches, you may be behind the scenes crafting effective messages. Additionally, some people with this degree go into freelance writing for various companies or individuals.

When you are trying to get further ahead in your job prospects, a Master’s in Communication may be a great plan. Look for ways you can move your career along to the next step with some of the best schools in the UK.