Find Best Master’s in Business Programs in Canada

Master Business by Earning a Master’s Degree in Business in Canada

When considering the type of graduate degree to pursue, one of the factors that should be at the forefront of your mind is which will give you the most options. Many Master’s degree programs, while beneficial, focus on a highly-specialised field or discipline. That may work if you already have a clear-cut career path in mind. However, if you want to keep your job options open, a Master’s in business can provide you with knowledge and skills that are applicable to almost any industry.

While different languages and cultures certainly have an influence on the various commercial and professional markets throughout the world, the business principles that support these markets are largely the same. Thus, your choice of where to pursue your Master’s degree in business may not limit you to working in a certain area. This presents you with the unique opportunity to study in any location that you want. One destination that is becoming increasingly popular with international students is Canada.

What is a Master’s in Business?

Yet before thinking about where you may want to continue your scholastic career, you may want to know exactly what goes into a typical Master’s degree program. There are actually a number of different Master’s degrees in business that you can pursue. Among the most popular are:

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master’s of Business Analytics (MBAN)
  • Executive Master’s Degree
  • Master’s of Science in Finance

A Master’s of Accountancy with an emphasis on administration and management may also qualify you to fill many of the same jobs made available with any of the aforementioned degrees.

Whichever of the degrees listed above you choose to pursue, the admission requirements and introductory curriculum for all of them are often similar. You will have to have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning and taken the appropriate graduate school entrance exam. MBA programs may also require a minimum number of years of experience working in a business-related field before applying. Most of these programs take two – three years to complete. The initial coursework will usually focus on strengthening your knowledge of general business principles, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Information systems and technology
  • Analytics

What type of Master’s degree in business you are seeking will influence what courses you will study in the latter portion of your program. MBA’s and executive Master’s degrees will stress building leadership and management skills. MBAN’s and Master’s of Science programs, on the other hand, typically teach you how to use the most up-to-date analytical tools and technologies to evaluate business trends and statistics. Each of these degree programs may also offer internships or professional practicum opportunities as you near the end of your studies.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Master’s Degree in Business in Canada

There are plenty of undergraduate programs that teach you skills related to business, so why should you consider going back to school for a Master’s degree in business? One the main reasons may be that business Master’s degree programs supplement your existing knowledge with leaderships skills that help you manage the direction of a group of business professionals. Indeed, many employers require that their leaders have a minimum of a Master’s degree. As these positions usually pay more, you should expect to command a higher salary. Just how much higher? A study by BusinessWeek showed that the average compensation for those with Master’s degrees in business over a 20-year period was USD$2.5 million.

One reason to consider studying abroad in Canada may be to open your eyes up to the intricacies of the international market, and how changes in individual regions can affect business globally. Canada also has several schools ranked in the Top 100 of the Financial Times’ listing of best Master’s in business programs. These include:

  • The School of Management at the University of Toronto, St. George
  • The Schulich School of Business at York University
  • The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business
  • The University of Western Ontario
  • The University of Victoria

Where Can a Master’s Degree in Business Take You?

If your goal is to rise to the ranks of a leader in almost any industry, than having a Master’s degree on your resume is invaluable. Your career path may not begin on the executive floor; rather, you may enter a corporation as a lower-level manager or analyst. However, the right type and amount of experience could eventually land you a role as an operations director, or even a chief officer.

A wealth of job options may be awaiting upon the completion of your Master’s degree program. Earning that degree in business puts you in prime position to fill any of them. Choosing to study in Canada will simultaneously provide you with a life-enriching experience.