Find Top Schools for a Master’s Degree in Advertising in the UK

Master’s in Advertising in the UK

Imagine having the power to shape public opinion. While some may say that consumers and clients make up their own minds when it comes to the products and services that they procure, you cannot deny the impact that a carefully-crafted advertising campaign has in influencing their decisions. Creating such advertising content requires more than just knowing different market strategies and techniques; it also demands that one have a unique understanding of product placement in relation to how people think, feel and act. Oftentimes, that knowledge is something that can only be acquired through advanced study.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in the advertising industry, then the advanced studies referred to above usually do not end with you earning your undergraduate degree. To truly impress the prospective employers out there, a Master’s degree in advertising is required. When considering where you should seek such a degree, do yourself a favor and include schools in the United Kingdom. With the country’s rich academic history, there’s little doubt that a graduate degree earned in the UK will carry with it a certain level of prestige.

What Is a Master’s Program in Advertising?

With the proliferation of online connectivity and the rise in popularity of social media, the advertising market has changed drastically in recent years. While many of the same marketing principles may be the same across advertising mediums, their application may be very different. Plus, the increased accessibility of information has made today’s consumer much savvier than in years past. Thus, the Master’s degree programs in advertising offered in the UK are designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of advertising principles and practices.

Much of the core coursework in a typical advertising graduate program is designed to build up your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Writing

Why not stick solely to advertising and marketing techniques? Because before you can tell a person what he or she may want, you need to first understand his or her point of view, and then craft a message that will demonstrate how a particular product or service will meet his or her needs. Do not worry; the advertising and marketing courses come later.

Once you have gained the knowledge needed to effectively communicate with consumers and clients, then you begin to focus on the best techniques available through which you can convey your message. These are taught through the elective courses of your advertising Master’s degree program. Some of topics touched upon may include:

  • Creative development
  • Interactive advertising techniques
  • Creating video and online ad campaigns
  • Media strategies
  • Strategic brand solutions

Most Master’s in advertising programs offered in the UK are typically topped off with a capstone course in which you create your own advertising content. This serves as the beginning of the advertising portfolio you will develop to help bolster your resume.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Advertising?

If all of the required coursework described above appears to be overwhelming, not to worry; many of the advertising graduate degree programs offered in the UK only take one year to complete. It is this accelerated education option that makes pursuing such a degree so beneficial. In just a year’s time, you can drastically improve your advertising skill set, making you that much more attractive and in demand when you are ready to enter into the job market.

The UK also offers a unique prospective to advertising graduate students. The country boasts an impressive collection of international students and faculty. Interacting with these people on a daily basis as you complete your degree may help you to develop a greater perspective on what people from other cultures and demographics truly value.

What Kind of a Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Advertising?

A Master’s degree in accounting may qualify to hold any number of jobs. The advertising industry is a dynamic one, with changes in consumer demand giving rise to new career opportunities all the time. Recently, Forbes Magazine listed the following as the jobs in the marketing and ad industries with the brightest futures:

  • Promotions and marketing manager
  • Advertising sales representative
  • Film and video editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Market research analyst
  • Meeting and event planner

Turn yourself into the type of advertising professional that marketing firms are lining up to hire by seeking a Master’s degree in advertising in the UK. Given the UK’s robust market of consumers and its strong economy, there’s a good chance that plenty of exciting and lucrative career opportunities will be waiting for you once you have completed your studies.