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Master’s in Landscape Architecture in the UK

The key to finding long-term satisfaction and happiness in your career is choosing a field that you already have a strong interest in. For some, that may be in designing and developing architectural elements. For others, it may be in working outdoors. What if the prospect of doing both excites you? Are you limited to working in one field or the other? Not if you choose to work in landscape architecture.  

Having a Bachelor’s degree in this field may help you get your foot in the door with those companies and firms tasked with designing outdoor spaces. However, if you would rather begin your career by kicking the door down and getting a good job right from the get-go, you may need to bolster your educational background. Continuing your studies in the United Kingdom can help prepare you for an exciting and lucrative career. Several colleges and universities in the UK offer graduate degree programs in landscape architecture that can position you nicely for a future in this particular field.

What is a Master’s Program in Landscape Architecture?

As landscape architecture deals with several different outdoor elements, you may easily be able to qualify for admission to a graduate program in this discipline with any of the following Bachelor’s degrees:

  • Geology
  • Botany
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geography

If your undergraduate studies emphasised a different field, not to worry; most graduate degree programs offered in the UK will provide you with a list of leveling courses that you can take to better prepare yourself for admission.

On average, a typical Master’s degree program in landscape architecture in the UK will take two years to complete. Some colleges may offer part-time study programs if you happen to be working while going to school. However, much of the coursework associated with this degree requires working outdoors during daytime hours. Thus, many programs will require you to take classes during the day. Your decision to put off your career for another two years as you build new skills and talents through your graduate studies will likely pay off in the end, however. You may be able to tell by the type of salary and benefits you are able to command immediately upon your graduation.

Your graduate studies in landscape architecture will likely include a healthy mix of classroom instruction and actual field work. As landscape architects are called upon to design wide array of outdoor spaces, your classwork will usually be focused on teaching you how to incorporate exterior design elements in different environments. You then may get the chance to create your own outdoor designs as part of capstone course aimed at helping you begin your professional portfolio.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Landscape Architecture?

Much of what is taught in an undergraduate course in landscape architecture is purposely meant to be more general in nature. Thus, gaining the expertise needed in order to supervise and manage the design of large parks, botanical gardens or private campuses may take years to accumulate if you choose to jump into the job market right after earning your Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree program, however, may allow you to fast-track your path into a high-ranking position with an outdoor design firm. How, you ask? Most employers may value the vast array of knowledge that you gain from experience more so than the actual experience itself. A Master’s degree program provides you with that knowledge at an accelerated rate, thus qualifying you for better jobs earlier in your career.

Yet that is not the only benefit to earning a Master’s degree in landscape architecture in the UK. Landscape architecture in the UK, as it is in many other areas in the world, is a chartered profession, often requiring a professional license and certification. Most graduate programs are designed with that in mind, offering classes that will provide you with a pathway to chartership.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture?

Most landscape architects are employed with private design firms who offer bids to public agencies or private organisations on outdoor projects. Your Master’s degree can open the doors to jobs at such firms, or with cities and municipalities looking for managers and planners in their outdoor recreation departments.

A rewarding career in bringing beautiful outdoor spaces to life may be yours by choosing to get a Master’s in landscape architecture in the UK. Boasting many outdoor areas and public parks in both its major cities and interior townships, the UK may also be the perfect place for you to find chances to continue your career.

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