One of the most intriguing areas of study is that of the human mind, and, with a Bachelor’s of Psychology degree, you can have the opportunity to spend your career delving into the complexities of decision-making, relationships and other aspects of brain function.

What is a Bachelor’s of Psychology?

In a Bachelor’s of Psychology program, you will be able to study the ways in which humans interact and behave and the environments or events that influence these decisions. Different behaviours can develop at various ages, so you can analyse the effects of the social and cultural environment from infancy up through adulthood. You may also study how the impact of certain factors manifests through a person’s cognitive thinking and personality.

Sciences or Social Sciences - What’s The Scope of Psychology?

Defining the scope of psychology has been a topic of debate for many years. Although It has often been referred to as a branch of Sciences,  there is interestingly a flip side to it as well. Since human behavioural interactions take place in societal settings governed by the society, the scope of psychology also includes social sciences domain. Studying human interactions without factoring in the social sciences aspect confines the comprehensive nature of psychology and hence it falls under the sciences and social sciences purview.

Who Should Pursue a Bachelor’s of Psychology?

This degree is a possibility for many students, but those who gravitate toward it often have similar characteristics. They may be interested in helping others understand their own behaviors through research, counselling or other forms of guidance. Almost all careers pursued after achieving this degree involve interacting with people of various backgrounds. Also, the will likely enjoy researching and studying the way the mind works and how human behaviours are influenced.

Apart from an innate interest in the subject, students wishing to study psychology also need to know if this is the right fit for them. Certain personality traits come handy and can go a long way If you have made your mind to build a career in psychology. Patience is, of course, the key because of day to day encounter and dealing with challenging cases.  Good communication and deep analytical thinking are quite essential to deal with people of different background. However, most importantly a passion to help people overcome mental and behavioural challenges is what will keep you at the top of your game!

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What Can You Study in a Bachelor’s of Psychology?

Choosing to pursue a Bachelor’s of Psychology means you will have several options when designing your course load. You will need to receive training in critical thinking, writing, and qualitative and quantitative research. Elective courses that will focus on your preferred area of study can also be taken and prepare you for your career after graduation.  

Why Should You Study Psychology Abroad Than in India?

While psychology as a subject was not considered a significant field of study in India, its importance is growing now ever since research on the subject has left a lot to be desired. India is yet to catch pace with the growing demand for psychologists and when it comes to academics, efforts are in progress to build a strong curriculum for aspiring psychology student. Which is why the best bet for Indian students is to head abroad for pursuing a degree in psychology. Eastern Michigan University is a top pick among US schools, and if you’re looking for Canadian schools then Carleton University also features as a top school for pursuing psychology major.

Which Careers Can You Pursue?

Graduates with a Bachelor’s of Psychology can choose to apply their skills in a variety of fields. School settings offer opportunities for psychologists and counsellors, while hospitals have additional positions for mental health workers and therapists.

If you are interested in sports, you may choose to work toward being a sports and exercise psychologist. If you enjoy working with children, you may choose to be a play therapist or a school counsellor. You may also choose to build a practice as a clinical psychologist or psychological wellbeing practitioner or work in the justice system as a forensic psychologist. Other jobs that will allow you to use the skills you gain with a Bachelor’s of Psychology include the following:

  • Further education teacher
  • Occupational or health psychologist
  • Play therapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Counsellor
  • Advice worker

Your expertise can also be applied in the business world in market research or human resources. Many find that becoming a career adviser allows them to guide others through the difficult decision of determining a path for employment.

The Bachelor’s of Psychology degree can also be used to work toward a variety of other careers, some that may require a master’s or doctorate degree. This degree can prepare you for the psychological aspect of being a lawyer or to better understand your patients as an internist or physician’s assistant. Some graduates become intelligence specialists, animal trainers, research assistants and analysis experts.

You have probably heard of several famous people who hold a Bachelor’s of Psychology. Before they became actresses, Natalie Portman received her degree from Harvard University and Katherine Hepburn earned hers at Bryn Mawr College. Another famous graduate, Guy Kawasaki, graduated with a degree in psychology from Stanford University and went on to become an advisor for several companies, such as Apple and Google.

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What Salary Can I Expect?

The job compensation you will find will depend greatly on the career path you choose. According to Arizona State University, the highest median salary of graduates with a Bachelor’s of Psychology belonged to psychiatrists, with a yearly pay of over $181,000. Lawyers came in second in salary with a median pay of $114,970 and public relations and fundraising managers can expect to enjoy a median pay of just over $100,000.

Arizona State University claims that there are several other professionals with a Bachelor’s of Psychology who enjoy a salary of between $80,000 and $100,000. Some of the most popular options can be found in the field of medicine, such as physician assistants, neuropsychologists and clinical neuropsychologists. There are also many jobs that have a median pay of between $60,000 and $80,000. Clinical data managers, job analysis specialists, marketing specialists, and social and community service managers. Several other options include:

  • Program directors
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Industrial-organizational psychologists
  • School psychologists
  • Postsecondary psychology teachers
  • Social and community service managers

The abundance of high-paying careers available is just one of the many reasons you may choose to pursue this versatile degree.

As one of the highest-paying, fastest-growing degrees you can pursue, it is no wonder that the Bachelor’s of Psychology is one of the most popular choices for students around the world.

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