Your family will stick together and support you through all major life decisions. And your parents are of course at the forefront of this support system. They always want the best for you especially when it comes to education. However, for them, it is one thing to keep calm knowing you are studying at a local Indian university and whole different thing to let you fly off their nest to another country for overseas education. So it is natural for them to get stressed up and worried about your life-changing decision.  It may be tempting to dismiss them as worry-warts, but that probably won’t get you their all-important signature on the application form.

If your pitch doesn’t seem to fully satisfy them to get the approval, then angle it from the standpoint of surprising benefits that come along with a study abroad experience. Show them how this decision will have a holistic impact on your overall development in terms of academics, personality and beyond.  In an increasingly globalized economy, being adaptable and attuned to cultural differences will be invaluable skills. It is widely known in India that an international degree is highly valued as compared to local degrees. It brings us to why employability quotient of candidates who have studied overseas is higher than local students who are increasingly struggling to stand out.

If turning you into a highly-employable, well-rounded citizen of the world isn’t enough to convince your parents – remind them of some of the more fun reasons they should encourage this kind of adventure. Through being in a new environment and experiencing a different way of life, you’ll come to know yourself a whole lot better. As a bonus, you’ll become a more compassionate human who can relate to others on a deeper level. That’s on top of making loads of friends, exploring and adventuring in your new home, and even honing your language skills!

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Here’s How You Can Get Your Parents Onboard to Let You Study Abroad:

Don’t Let Them Get Carried Away By Emotions

Studying abroad is a big leap not just for you, but for your parents too! And every Indian student knows how emotionally carrying this can get for them and especially their parents. You will need to be emotionally intelligent at this time to handle the situation. Let your parents talk their heart out about what worries them most. Do you fear being left out as you chase your dream thousands of miles away? Are they afraid that you may disregard your desi values after living in a foreign country? Show them that they can always believe in you after all you are their blood and flesh and that you will stay rooted to them and the culture even while living worlds apart!

Take them seriously

Their concerns may seem frivolous when viewed through your adventure-seeking eyes, but try to understand where they’re coming from. Prove your emotional maturity and ability to handle conflict by chatting to them about what they’re worried about, rather than resorting to teen-tactics of slamming doors and shouting matches.  

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 Don’t let the cost scare them

Indeed studying abroad will be comparatively expensive than studying at Indian schools. However, don’t overlook the fact that many schools abroad provide scholarships to international students. Nothing will make your parents feel more proud than knowing that your hard work throughout high school years will now start to pay off! This way you can lighten their financial burden. And in case you are not eligible for scholarship but dream of studying abroad, then you can apply for a student loan with us.

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Take them with you

We don’t mean literally, of course. But considering their opinion in each step of your application journey will make them feel included. And getting your head around handling the whole application process all by yourself can get a tad bit difficult. So why not consult your parents? Taking them along for the journey will make you all feel more comfortable and prepared. Be it the research process or suggesting you the right programme, this way it will make them feel they are helping you improve your decision-making process. This has the added benefit of reassuring them that they’ve equipped you with the skills needed to make the most of this opportunity.  

Lighten their load

A big part of their stress is no doubt that they won’t be able to help you when things get sticky. The entire process of sifting through requirements and applying just adds to their feeling of the world is beyond their control. To boot, the process may seem very overwhelming and expensive when you first get started. We can help with this, guiding you and your parents through the decision and application process.

Remember that your parents want only the best for you. They know you’re capable of doing this – they raised you after all! Be easy on them if they are worried, and remember it’s okay to also show that you’re a little afraid. By supporting each other you’ll gain another lifelong benefit through this experience: a strong relationship with your parents.

If all else fails, you can always call in reinforcements from your SchoolApply Advisor to calm your parents’ nerves.

About the Author: Corli de Kock studied journalism and art history in a small little town in South Africa, away from her safe home nest. She's tried her hand at many things, journeying via rock 'n roll to social strategy and eventually copywriting. She's still figuring out what the next thing will be, gathering skills, lessons and friends along the way.

About the Co-Author: Mustafa Sutarwala is an all-round creative marketing graduate from Amity University Dubai, and is currently working in Dubai. He's inclined to digital marketing communications and works as the Creative Ninja for SchoolApply.