If you’ve got what it takes to advocate your opinion, but fear that your educational background may hold you back from becoming a lawyer - fear no more, because the Bachelor of Laws degree will certainly suit you! This course offers you the option to launch your career either as a solicitor, or barrister depending on the type of legal work you want to do.No wonder Bachelor of Laws is the most talked about degree because of its ease of skill transferability to various job categories and fields.

The contrast between Law education in India and the West

It is important to understand how earning a Bachelor of Laws degree abroad is comparatively different than it is in India. Law schools abroad believe in driving classroom participation through the Socratic method.  In Socratic teaching, students learn to engage in cooperative argumentative dialogue that stimulates critical thinking. In Indian Law schools where lecture based classroom sessions are more prevalent, this method is rarely practiced. The Socratic learning style followed in law schools abroad also encourages students to read more from the fear of being cold-called. Whereas in India due to less-participative learning practices, the tradition of cold-calling is not followed.

What Are the Career and Study Options?

A Bachelor of Laws degree can open doors to many different disciplines. Many students proceed to enrol in a Master of Laws programme to focus on one area of study and research, or a Juris Doctorate, which falls between the Master’s and Ph.D. levels. Those who dream of becoming either a solicitor or a barrister ought to know what makes them different from one another. A solicitor is primarily a litigator, and often works with advocacy cases. They also advise clients, and handle all paperwork and communication. Solicitors typically perform negotiations, and calculate claims. If a case goes to court, a solicitor will often refer a barrister to the case. Barristers are generally in charge of representing the case in court.

Work opportunities are abound for law graduates both in government and corporate sectors. They can go on to take up services in government organizations, or practice law in corporate spaces. Many solicitors and barristers practice several different types of law during the course of their careers. Some of these are listed below:

  • Environmental Law
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Law
  • Public Law
  • Business Law
  • International Law
  • Labour Law


The advantage of securing a bachelor of laws degree is that you’re not limited by career opportunities. For those of you who do not see yourselves advocating cases, the good news is that you can build your career in streams like politics, business, banking or academia. Career horizons beyond the courtroom may include:

  • Becoming a legal advisor
  • Helping immigrants gain clearance
  • Gaining a clerkship in the Houses of Parliament
  • Writing for law journals or other legal publishings
  • Working as an insurance loss adjuster
  • Ensuring compliance in various organisation

You may also find that a Bachelor of Law degree can prepare you for a career in research or reporting, business, auditing, communication and law enforcement.


Are you the best match?

If you think you’ve got the knack for writing exhaustive amounts of research papers - that’ll be required from you as a law student - then you’ve found your fit. Though it’s not a prerequisite for becoming a good lawyer, staying occupied with writing and research work will make your academic journey a smooth-sailing one.

If you’re drawn to participating in discussions where you can stand for what you believe in, and like being the problem solver then you’re likely to do well as a lawyer. Moreover, if you’re observant, enjoy working independently, and can see both sides of conflict, then you’re a good match. The Bachelor of Laws degree is a boon to many Indian students who’ve not yet set their minds on a certain career direction/path, as the degree brings with it endless opportunities to progress in an wide array of fields. A testimony of the same can be found in the legacy of India’s fight to freedom.Mahatma Gandhi studied law in the U.K and returned to India to become one of nation’s top-most political leaders.


What Can You Gain?

Apart from the fact that the Bachelor of Law degree opens doors to a plethora of career opportunities, it equips you with one-of-a-kind multifaceted gains. Some of them include:

  • Decent Pay - This largely depends on various criterias such as your workplace, the discipline you choose to work in, and the cases you advocate. Generally, a Bachelor of Laws graduate earns more than graduates in other fields.
  • Growth – Almost 80 percent of barristers are self-employed, allowing them to take as many cases as they want to, and be free to come and go as they please. There are also many barristers and solicitors who choose to work in private law firms. You will likely find that there is limitless potential for attorneys, with many employers offering the opportunity to eventually become a partner.
  • Flexible Study Modes - Aspiring Indian law students wishing to pursue Bachelor of Law programmes can benefit from flexible study modes to choose from. Depending on the law school, you’ll get the option to either pursue a part-time or a short term intensive programme. Depending on your chosen study mode, the time you take to complete the degree may vary, and can give you the flexibility to choose the path that best suits you.
  • Perpetuity - Job market situations are not always the same. Degrees that hold value today, might not be as popular in future, however legal help is irreplaceable. This makes the degree and profession quite perpetual in nature
  • Job choice – A major benefit for graduates is the many different ways this degree can be used.

  • The variety of job opportunities, majors, and advanced degree options at the disposal of Bachelor of Law students makes the degree quite a catch. If you think this is the right match for you, your next step is to explore what is it about law that interests you the most, and also what programmes are needed to be pursued to bag the job you’ve always dreamt of!

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