Remember how once earning a bachelor’s degree was considered golden ticket to good jobs with high paying salaries? Well, with times changing and almost everyone in possession of college degree, a bachelor’s degree has become the new high school diploma! In other words, just an undergraduate level qualification is no more key to a fulfilling career. if you want your portfolio to stand out from the rest, then you may want to consider applying for a master’s degree programme. Even candidates who have been able to secure job placements on graduating with a bachelor’s degree may at some point feel like their career progression has come to a standstill. If you find yourself in either of these two situations, then we highly recommend that you start your applications to a master’s degree abroad. Here’s why:

1. It’s an Upgrade to Your Resume

You may be qualified to set your foot in the working world with a Bachelor’s degree, but ask again if you are qualified enough to get that dream job you have always wanted? Employers today look for candidates with advanced skills and expertise rather than bare essential qualities that most possess. A bachelor’s degree will give your career a certain direction, but a master’s will ensure you make a strong progress and stand out as a specialist in your chosen field. Apart from a great upgrade to your resume, a professional master’s qualification will help you better yourself holistically.

2. Link to Future Job Prospects

Indian students have plenty of networking resources at their disposal when studying a master’s degree abroad. Whether you choose to network on campus in your batch or via Indian clubs or organizations or use online portals to connect, someone you connect with today, might become a link to future prospect tomorrow. LinkedIn is of course the top platform to form connections, but apart from that you may also want to consider InterNations- easy to use portal of fellow NRI’s to connect with the desi community at large abroad. These invaluable connections developed during your Master’s degree can help you along throughout your career, as you advance through the professional world.

3. A Step-Forward in Your Career

You may have secured a job placement with a bachelor’s degree but what is it that’s keeping you from getting the much awaited promotion? Yes, it may surprise you but some Indian and global corporates are hell-bent on assessing their workers qualifications prior to handling new responsibilities. You may have been at the top of your game, and all that’s needed from you now is to become a certified professional to be able to lead. A master’s degree will help you go that extra mile and take charge of your career.  In some industries earning yourself a Master’s degree can translate into up to 20% more earning potential. These higher salaries are because you will be eligible for positions that require a higher skill set. Before signing up for that Master’s degree make sure you calculate if your upgraded credentials and improved marketability outweigh student-debt and years of lost earnings.

4. Study Your Major in Greater Depth

Although your  bachelor’s degree will introduce you to some essential fundamental concepts in your area of study, it is important to remember that it will only touch upon the theoretical aspect. Whereas a  professional master’s will deliver specific subject in much greater depth and scope. For e.g If you have opted to study communications course at bachelor’s level, you will become well-versed with concepts of journalism, visual, print media etc. However going further in the same field if you wish to learn how to pen down your thoughts articulately, a master’s degree in creative writing will equip you with skills in greater scope.

5. Emigration

A large number of Indian students look to pursue their higher education especially a master’s degree abroad, because it open doors to working and living in a foreign country. In Canada if you complete either undergraduate or graduate qualification from a local university, you become eligible to stay after graduation for equal amount of time taken to earn the respective degree. It provides students a pathway to secure employment which leads to higher salaries, better standard of living and fulfillment. Once you secure employment, applying for permanent residence also becomes easy.

If you’re interested in pursuing a master’s programme abroad, start your application today and our top-notch advisors will match you with the best schools and courses available!

About the Author: Tessa Cunliffe is a South African based digital copywriter and marketer, with a passion for travel and learning. Yoga-inspired and coffee-fuelled. Always planning the next adventure.

About the Co-Author: Mustafa Sutarwala is an all-round creative marketing graduate from Amity University Dubai, and is currently working in Dubai. He's inclined to digital marketing communications and works as the Creative Ninja for SchoolApply.