It’s quite a big leap when you decide to Study abroad in America, the land of opportunity. Following this big decision comes the next important question: Where to go? Finding a top rated college in your preferred location within your set budget limit, with access to activities and hobbies can get a bit tricky!

According to the recent study, QS Best Student Cities 2017, we have listed some worthwhile cities and colleges in the US you can set your eyes on!

Boston - Where Culture, Diversity, And Academics Intersect

Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts is rightly called America’s hub of history, art, culture and top-notch education. Boston is a city home to some top rated universities and a diverse pool of cultural experiences. This historical US city ranks as the eighth best study destination in the list of QS best student cities. The city scored high marks for affordability, friendliness, and ease of getting around.

Are you wondering what Boston has to offer? Keeping with Boston’s passion for sports, the city boasts attractions such as Fenway Park, which tops the list of Baseball enthusiasts around the world. Also, don’t forget to drop by at hotspots like Freedom trail and the Museum of Fine Arts. If you don’t want to feel like a tourist, then rock out at the Boston Calling music festival, enjoy the picturesque view from the Custom House observation deck or go search for Keytar Bear, a beloved street performer. He is usually seen performing outside the train stops in the South of Boston. Have a look on his Facebook page to see if you can find him.

What makes Boston a popular student hub? The city is home to some world-class institutions such as Harvard University and MIT. Boston also offers schools that have a good reputation and are a little more affordable, like Fisher College.

Best US Study Destination-Boston

New York - The American Metropolis

Coming in at the nineteenth spot was New York: known as the the most fast-paced American metropolis that never sleeps. You can be sure to stay entertained in New York city with endless activities and events. The city has received a very high score for having endless opportunities, but of course, New York is one of world’s most cosmopolitan countries  in the world and has proven to be a little on the expensive side.  

New York is still a city that is on most people’s bucket list, and here are great sights that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to see: Start off by visiting the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Times Square, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, or the Socrates Sculpture Park. Lastly, be sure to go for some of their amazing cheesecake at Junior’s Restaurant or Eileen's Special Cheesecake. New York’s on-the-move life surely makes way for some delectable takeaway meals-on-wheels options. Make sure to dig in and treat your taste buds with street hot dogs or fajita roll-ups while on the go.

New York offers variety of study options starting from budget-friendly colleges to high end universities. You can consider Columbia University and New York University which were respectively rated twentieth and forty-sixths in the world. If you’re looking to hone skills for a professional career, MCNY is also a great option near Manhattan. A few other options include;  St. John's University, Stony Brook University or Manhattan College which might be a good fit for you.

San Francisco - The Home Of ‘Flower Power’

San Francisco makes it to the twenty-eighth spot as one of America’s most iconic, budget-friendly, and relaxing cities to live in. The city scored particularly high on scales of employer activity and desirability to stay there.

San Francisco is headquarters to some of the world’s pioneering technology giants such as Apple, Facebook, and IBM. San Francisco isn’t just for the tech enthusiasts, there’s so much to explore and indulge in. You can kickback and relax with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Walt Disney Family Museum, enjoy a fun day at Ocean Beach, or have fun at the Cartoon Art Museum.

Stanford is the world’s second best university and is located close to San Francisco city. If Stanford is not for you, but you would like to live in this coastal city, then you can also have a look at the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, or the Academy of Art University.

Best US Study Destination - San Francisco

Washington DC - The Heart of United States

The renowned US capital city, Washington DC is distinctly popular among students and hence features as the thirsty-seventh best study destination. This capital gets an edge because of various  popular attractions and iconic political personalities that helps it earn high scores on standards of desirability, and student experience.

If you are wondering what is there to do in Washington, visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival or learn something new at the National Air and Space Museum. Of course, the White House, National Monument and the Lincoln Memorial are also a must-see. Also look up InterNations which is  a good one-stop-solution for expat Indians to socialise and indulge in activities, and events in Washington DC.

University of Maryland - College Park, Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University and Howard University are the top five schools that made Washington the student hub it is today!

Chicago - The Windy City

A city that taps to the beat of music, has interesting architecture, and world-class university options - that’s what defines Chicago. Chicago has secured forty-sixth place in the best study destinations list as per the study. Even though Chicago is on the high end of spectrum in terms of living expenses, it certainly makes up for it with high employment activity scores and four QS ranked universities.

Chicago has a bounty of places of interests to visit considering it is one of the largest American city. Whether it be Segway tour, Millennium Park visit, or spending a night out at the Music Box Theatre, there’s a lot to discover and Chicago won’t disappoint.

The five most noteworthy universities in Chicago are the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois College, or Illinois Institute of Technology.

Best US Study Destination-Chicago

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