Find Bachelor in Physical Education

Bachelor in Physical Education

A bachelor’s degree in physical education is a great entry point into teaching and sports. Most graduates end up in the academic sector, while others find jobs with companies, facilities or even professional sporting federations.

What Is a Bachelor of Physical Education?

Most colleges and universities offer the Bachelor of Physical Education as part of the education department. It is designed specifically for aspiring teachers who wish to instruct on topics related to fitness, coaching and health. It is also a great option for students who want to work in community recreation or even corporate wellness. The coursework is designed to teach candidates how to administer and teach these programmes.

In general, students can choose one of two tracks –an arts-based programme (BA) or a science-based programme (BS). Both options prepare students for licensure in their respective jurisdiction. Teaching requirements vary by location, so it is important that students choose a program that will prepare them to practice in whichever country they choose.

Teaching experience is rarely a requirement for admission, but candidates should possess a high school diploma, an acceptable GPA and a college entrance exam score. Students may also be required to pass a swim test, complete a fitness evaluation and become certified in CPR. The following is a list of common courses in a Bachelor of Physical Education programme:

  • Writing (General Education)
  • College Algebra (General Education)
  • History (General Education)
  • Ethics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Fitness for Life
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Motor Learning
  • Physical Education Pedagogy
  • Elementary Teaching Methods
  • Secondary Teaching Methods
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Psychology
  • Classroom Management

Most students are also required to complete a student teaching block. This typically occurs at the end of the degree programme and is a great opportunity to practice teaching skills with real students in a real setting.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Physical Education?

Physical Education programmes provide rigorous training in teaching, science and advanced practice. Plus, candidates may have the chance to specialize in a specific sport or even double major. This is a great opportunity for students who wish to coach a particular extracurricular sport at the high school level while teaching another subject in the classroom during school hours.

Another key benefit of earning a bachelor’s degree is obtaining all the credentials necessary for professional certification. Most countries require a specific number of student-teaching hours, and schools incorporate these hours directly into the curriculum.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Physical Education?

This academic programme is centered on experiential learning and theory. Graduates are well prepared to earn teaching certificates or even enter an allied field. Here is a list of potential careers:

  • K-12 Physical Education Teacher
  • High School Education Teacher
  • University Athletic Director
  • Community Recreation Director
  • Personal Trainer
  • Parks and Recreation Worker
  • Camp Counselor
  • Academic Administrator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Corporate Wellness Coach

For more information, get in touch with an admissions representative to discuss your future career.