Find Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Mass Communication and Journalism

A Bachelor in Mass Communications is a programme that is completed by many media professionals. This interdisciplinary degree prepares individuals for a variety of careers in journalism and writing, communications or media. Through completing this four-year programme, graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in an ever-evolving job market.

What is a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism?

A Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism is a programme that combines journalism, writing and communications by focusing in on a few different topics:

  • Fundamentals of mass communication
  • Broadcast journalism
  • News analysis
  • Television news writing
  • Newspaper writing
  • Multimedia story coverage
  • Ethical issues in public relations
  • Graphic design
  • And more

These and other courses prepare students to be able to find, analyse and properly report news for target audiences. Even with the changes in the media with the evolution of technology, these basic skills can assist in helping individuals navigate and adapt properly. Along with the coursework, some schools may incorporate an internship in the programme to allow students to gain real-life experience before fully entering the job market.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism?

The inter-disciplinary aspects of this degree programme make it applicable to various professions. This helps to increase the number and variety of job opportunities for graduates. There are also certain general benefits of obtaining a Bachelor’s.

  • Achievement. Completing a Bachelor’s takes a great deal of focus, hard work and determination, among other things. Therefore, those who do attain this degree tend to feel a great deal of personal achievement. This can be beneficial for future academic and professional pursuits.
  • Distinction. Statistics show that individuals who obtain their Bachelor’s tend to earn twice as much as those with only a High School level education. This is because the advanced level of education that students receive on the Bachelor’s level equips them with specialised skills and knowledge that prepares them to fulfill specific, higher-paying positions.
  • Future Advancement. While many students stop on the Bachelor level, there are those that desire to pursue graduate studies. In many cases, to achieve this goal students must obtain a Bachelor’s. Also, on the professional side there are a growing number of jobs that now require for applicants to at least have a Bachelor’s. With the increased number of applicants in the job pool today, having a Bachelor’s level education can help individuals to be able to compete.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism?

There are a number of jobs that individuals may obtain with a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism. Some of the more common job titles include:

  • News reporter
  • Magazine writer
  • Media researcher
  • Photojournalist
  • Public relations specialist

These jobs can be found in several different industries, though media and communications are the industries with the greatest amount of openings. Even still, graduates can search for jobs in a variety of areas.

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Television networks
  • Social media companies
  • Production companies
  • And more

Graduates may also find these positions in virtually every sector, including government, non-profits, corporations and small businesses. Along with pursuing traditional positions, many graduates choose to work for themselves and serve as contractors or freelancers. Some may even start their own firms.

If you are considering pursuing a job in writing, media or communications, think about how a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism could benefit you.