Find Bachelor in Liberal Studies

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Liberal Studies

A Bachelor in Liberal Studies provides students with a broad knowledgebase. Though a Bachelor’s in general provides students with a broad understanding of common concepts utilised in virtually any career, the Liberal Studies focus helps students to gain a strong understanding of liberal arts, sciences and various other academic fields of interest.

What is a Bachelor in Liberal Studies?

A Bachelor in Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary programme that is founded on a few different subjects:

  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Natural Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

As students study these subjects they also sharpen their problem solving and critical thinking skills. They are trained in ethical thought as well. The unique combination of study of arts and science that this degree programme brings allows students to gain a well-rounded education.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor in Liberal Studies?

There are some notable benefits that come along with obtaining a Bachelor in Liberal Studies. One of the main advantages is that it provides individuals with a broad knowledgebase. This helps to significantly enhance the job pool that individuals have to choose from, which enhances an individual’s opportunities for securing the position. Also, it provides those with previous experience the opportunity to advance within their careers. Individuals looking for a change may also use this degree to make a smooth transition into another job or industry.

There are certain benefits that general pertain to individuals with Bachelor’s.

  • Achievement. Students may find achieving a Bachelor’s to be quite empowering. It takes a great deal of dedication, insistence, time and money, amongst other things. The strong feeling of achievement that graduates feel can help to propel them forward in their future endeavors.
  • Salary Increase. It has been statistically proven that individuals who obtain Bachelor’s make far more money than those who only obtain a High School level education. Therefore, those who pursue their undergraduate degree can expect a significant pay increase. Though it may not come immediately, they will be on the track for advancement after securing their degree.
  • Future Pursuits. A Bachelor’s can be considered a gateway to higher education. Several graduate programmes require that applicants have a Bachelor’s degree. On the professional level, there are also many jobs that now require individuals to have a Bachelor level education in order to apply. Therefore, a Bachelor’s can be essential to future academic and professional pursuits.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor in Liberal Studies?

With the interdisciplinary aspects of this degree programme, graduates have a wide variety of job prospects to choose from. Many students enter into positions in a variety of industries, including governmental and social service agencies, business, health and welfare, criminal justice and adult and family services. There are a variety of occupations available, including:

Along with professional aspirations students may utilise this degree to pursue higher academic achievement. In fact, a Bachelor in Liberal Studies is a common choice for individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in the field of law. Those interested in education on the professional level may use this degree to become teachers and are able to teach pre-K to high school aged students.