Find Bachelor of Social Science in the UAE

Bachelor of Social Science in the UAE

Gaining a Bachelor of Social Science in the UAE can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience. The education that is offered is excellent. In fact, the UAE is noted for having a few of the best universities in the Gulf. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world have established branches in the area, heightening the availability of quality education. It also provides students with the opportunity to obtain an education that is recognized worldwide.

Along with a high-quality education, students get the opportunity to live in and explore an area that has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. With all of the shopping, food, events and culture, there is always something new to do. The easy access to the beach also expands the range of activities that individuals may enjoy. All together, students are gifted with an excellent opportunity to expand their academic and world knowledge through this programme.

What is a Bachelor of Social Science Programme?

A Bachelor’s degree is a degree programme that provides students with a basic knowledge of information that can be applied in any career pursuits, with a focus in a particular industry or job. A Bachelor of Social Science focuses on the study of social relationships and human society. These studies can be broken down into several majors, including:

  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • International Relations

Depending upon the institution chosen, there may be other major studies paths that a student may consider. Also, within the chosen major some institutions offer specific concentrations, which allow students to channel their education towards specific career paths. For example, some organizations may offer Human Resource concentrations in any of the majors listed above.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Social Science?

In today’s society, having a Bachelor’s is becoming the norm. Many companies expect for candidates to have some form of higher education, and some entry-level positions now require it. In many careers related to social science, having a degree may be mandatory. As technologies advance, job requirements are becoming more complex, so even entry-level workers need a strong educational background to handle common daily tasks. Along with this advantage, there are a few other benefits to securing a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Increased job satisfaction.
  • Higher pay than high school graduates.
  • Meets requirements to pursue graduate education.
  • Enhance your professional network.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree has its own benefits in conjunction with the general benefits of having a degree. This particular degree choice provides a vast knowledge of different social and human aspects, which opens the doors to a variety of social led opportunities. With the rise in social media, this creates a large job pool and can prove to be quite lucrative for certain individuals. There is longevity and flexibility within this degree path.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Social Science?

With the interdisciplinary aspects of this degree, there are many different career paths that graduates may choose from. Some of the more common careers that individuals decide to pursue include:

  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Bankers
  • Counselors
  • Researchers
  • Government Affairs

These are just a few of the plethora of opportunities available for graduates, not to mention the entrepreneurial pursuits that individuals may choose. The world runs off of consumer patterns and human interaction. By studying these things individuals gain knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in various capacities and careers.

For those who already have work experience, this degree can provide a great amount of opportunity. These individuals can leverage their experience with the knowledge gained through this degree to advance within their current company, gain employment with another related company, or forge an entirely new career path. Depending upon the individuals’ level of experience, they may be able to gain middle- to upper-management positions by refining their skills through this degree programme.

As you can see there are many benefits to obtaining a Bachelor of Social Science in the UAE. This particular path presents the opportunity to gain a degree that is recognized around the world. Studying in the UAE also provides an international perspective on the major topics, as well as encourages cultural and personal development. If you are looking for a quality education and a once in a lifetime experience, consider this degree path in the UAE.