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Bachelor’s of Social Sciences

A Bachelor’s of Social Sciences is an undergraduate degree program that is typically only available from universities in the UK or former Commonwealth nations. The degree is given in fields of study that relate to social theory, statistics, research of populations and philosophy of social science. Some academic majors that are traditionally part of Bachelor’s of Social Sciences programs include; anthropology, economics, environmental science, psychology, and sociology. Some universities also offer Bachelor’s of Social Science in fields such as public health, international development and sustainability. In most universities outside of the UK, students pursuing academic majors associated with a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences are instead awarded the comparable Bachelor’s of Arts.

What Is a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences?

A Bachelor’s of Social Sciences is generally the first degree students complete after beginning higher education. The academic majors associated with this field are those associated with the study of people and societies. These tend to be theoretical or philosophical majors, though a number of majors that rely on the gathering of hard data, such as statistics, are also part of social sciences programs. Degrees are generally awarded through a combination of classroom study and independent research. Most schools also require students to produce a portfolio of academic writing, and may require them to submit a final thesis in order to receive their degree.

Not all universities award Bachelor’s of Social Sciences. Schools in the US tend to give Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in social sciences fields. Furthermore, academic majors like economics or psychology, are sometimes sorted into a Bachelor’s of Science program rather than a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences program. In general, credits can be transferred between universities regardless of whether both have a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences program.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences?

A Bachelor’s of Social Sciences offers a number of benefits to degree holders.

  • A degree opens up more job opportunities and makes graduates more attractive to hiring managers.
  • Completing a degree gives students important skills and knowledge.
  • In some fields, a Bachelor’s degree is required for entry level positions, making it essential for anyone looking to break into the industry.
  • A Bachelor’s of Social Science makes job seekers look more attractive to hiring managers.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is the first step on the road to getting a Master’s or PhD which opens up even more job opportunities for graduates.
  • The process of getting a Bachelor’s degree also imparts essential life skills to graduates, such as time management, conducting independent research and getting along with their peers in both work and social settings.
  • Opportunity for travel, as many of the careers graduates can get with a Bachelor’s of Social Science are in international development and project management.
  • Career opportunities in growing fields that frequently have openings in locations around the world.

While most students in Bachelor’s of Social Sciences programs are recent high school graduates, older individuals who have already been in the workforce for a while can also benefit from these programs. Many individuals who are looking for a career change or want to be considered for promotion in their fields can also benefit from getting a degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences?

Graduates with a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences tend to go into careers that allow them to serve their fellow human beings. Some jobs for people with a Bachelor’s degree in one of the academic majors associated with the social sciences include the following:

  • Social worker
  • Non-profit worker
  • Data analyst
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • International development project manager
  • Statician
  • Research analyst
  • Teacher
  • Economist

Many of these careers frequently have positions available for new job seekers. One of the major benefits of careers in the social sciences is that even recent graduates can get a job in their chosen field and may even have their pick of several job offers. Even individuals who don’t live in big cities can often find work in their chosen profession. Opportunities for career advancement are also frequently available.
Universities around the world offer a Bachelor’s of Social Sciences in academic fields that can advance your career. Start researching the options available to you today. Choose where you want to study, pick an academic major, and start working towards your future.