Find Bachelor’s in Agriculture

Bachelor’s in Agriculture

The bachelor’s degree is the first level of academic achievement that most students pursue. After earning a Bachelor’s in Agriculture, graduates will have many opportunities to explore this field and start working. In order to enroll in a program that suits your needs and will help you advance into a position in agriculture, it is best to research all your options. Learn more about what to look for when researching bachelor degree programs in Agriculture.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Agriculture?

The Bachelor’s in Agriculture is usually in the field of science, meaning you will be earning a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Programs in this field vary quite a bit, but it is typical for the length of study to be four years. The field of agriculture is broad, requiring some kind of specialisation. While many programs include opportunities to explore several areas of agriculture, it is very beneficial to already know how you would like to specialise. Some of the areas that you can focus on include animal science, agricultural engineering, soil science, plant protection, food science, and agricultural economics. Many of these specialisations may change the name of the degree slightly, such as the Bachelor’s in Agricultural Economics. Regardless of how you specialise, you should expect the program you enroll in to include:

  • Combination of research and lecture-based courses
  • Extensive examinations
  • Possible thesis project
  • Exploratory courses

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Agriculture?

The degree program in agriculture is designed to benefit graduate’s careers. It is much easier to enter the working world and be more successful if you hold an academic degree. Agriculture is a vital part of society that is responsible for a large portion of the food supply, meaning there are global applications of a degree in agriculture. There are many benefits that a bachelor degree program in agriculture grants those that enroll. These include:

  • A larger range of positions that can be attained
  • An increase in the possible salary that can be earned
  • The opportunity to specialise and enter a specific area of agriculture

In addition to these benefits, earning a bachelor degree in agriculture qualifies graduates to continue their education by pursuing a more advanced degree. A Master’s in Agriculture allows even more advanced positions to be attained and further improves the salary that can be earned. While the Bachelor of Agriculture is commonly enough to jump right into a successful agricultural career, there are some positions that can only be attained with a more advanced degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s in Agriculture?

There are many ways to apply a Bachelor’s in Agriculture. It is possible to begin working as an animal nutritionist, agricultural consultant, farm manager, geneticist or plant breeder, soil scientist, or surveyor. There are two major categories in the agricultural field. The type of work that can be done is separated into practical and scientific areas. This means it is possible to work directly with farms or other agricultural facilities to help grow crops, or research farming techniques, technologies, and practices to better understand them.