Find Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Surgery

Bachelor’s in Surgery

A Bachelor’s in Surgery can be a confusing term, as it is not possible in countries such as the US. Instead, it is generally equivalent to a medical doctorate degree. However, in countries such as the UK, China, Egypt, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, a Bachelor’s in Surgery does indeed exist, and to get it, students finish high school and enrol in medical classes that take five to six years. After that, they should pursue a few more years of specialised surgical education.

Some surgical education is possible at the Bachelor’s level in the US; for example, the surgical technologist Bachelor’s degree may be a student’s preference, and if the ultimate goal is a career as a surgeon, a student can major in practically any field before entering medical school.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Surgery?

In the US, a Bachelor’s in Surgery is really any Bachelor’s degree, since aspiring surgeons can have any Bachelor’s degree before entering medical school. However, classes in areas such as chemistry, math, biology and English are beneficial, as is some volunteer experience in medical settings.

In the UK and other countries that award an actual Bachelor’s in Surgery, courses focus on areas such as:

  • Care of critically ill surgical patients.
  • Nontechnical skills.
  • Judgement and operative skills in emergency surgery.
  • Specific areas of surgery such as trauma surgery, urology or paediatric surgery.
  • Evidence-based approaches.

Degrees are available from schools such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Glasgow, and students can go on to study areas such as podiatric surgery in more depth on the Master’s level. Students must typically qualify as doctors first in a program of five or six years and then undertake a few more years of specialised surgical education.

In a US surgical technologist Bachelor’s program, students take classes in current health issues, stress management, human diseases and more.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Surgery?

There are many benefits to earning a Bachelor’s in Surgery. Perhaps the most obvious is the speed and ease in which a student can do so in countries such as the UK compared with countries such as the US. Even better, it is possible for a UK-trained surgeon to work in the US. While he or she typically must meet a few requirements, they are not as involved as getting a medical degree in the US. However, if you aim to work in the US, it is often best and easier to get your medical education in the US. In any case, additional benefits include:

  • Ability to choose from many countries and surgical programs.
  • Learning from qualified and experienced faculty members.
  • Gaining hands-on experience.
  • Enhancing transferable skills such as bedside manner, writing, research, communication and collaboration.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s in Surgery?

Many people who earn a Bachelor’s in Surgery eventually work as surgeons. There are many specialities such as paediatric surgeon or vascular surgeon. A paediatric surgeon focuses on children and performs procedures such as cancer operations and bowel resections. A vascular surgeon works with veins and arteries and performs procedures such as angioplasties.

There are quite a few Bachelor’s in Surgery degree programs across the globe, so start exploring your choices today.