Find Bachelor of Law in the US

A bachelor degree in law is the first step students take toward becoming a lawyer or entering any career in law. This field is considered one of the most difficult to study, but graduating and moving into a career is an especially rewarding accomplishment. The US offers some of the very most appealing law schools and some of the most beneficial opportunities for international students. To begin, search for a bachelor program that fits your specific needs.

What is a Bachelor of Law in US?

Universities in the US do not typically offer a Bachelor of Law. Instead, US law students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Law. Ultimately, it is a small difference, but it is important that international students are familiar with the process if they are interested in studying in the US.

As an entry-level degree program, studying to earn a bachelor degree in law allows students to prepare for their future careers and education. By the end of the program, graduates should have complete mastery over the basics of their field. Enrolling in law school typically incorporates:

  • Courses in contracts, legal writing, general law, and tort
  • Extra-curricular activities, such as moot court and legal review
  • International and immigrant law studies
  • Required internships

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Law in US?

The primary benefit of earning a bachelor degree in law is the preparation it provides for future education. Nearly all students that enter law school are interested in becoming lawyers or holding positions related to lawyers. This level of work requires much higher education than the bachelor degree, although a bachelor degree is first required to pursue these advanced degrees. In order to become a lawyer, a Master of Science in Law is necessary, as well as a doctorate.

The careers that are possible with a degree in law are among the highest paying. The higher level of academic accomplishments that you achieve will allow more advanced jobs and higher salaries to be possible. Other benefits of studying law in the US include:

  • Opportunity to experiment with different areas of law for future specialisation
  • Increased career options
  • Excellent international study opportunities

Finally, the US is one of the best countries for studying law due to the high number of law schools that are among the best in the world. Some of the best law educations are possible at Harvard University, Yale University, and Carroll University.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Law in US?

After graduating with a bachelor degree, however, it is possible to enter minor positions in the law field, such as a paralegal or legal secretary. Many of these jobs directly lead to advancement as you continue your education, fostering the growth toward eventually becoming a lawyer. Most students that enter law school intend to eventually become a lawyer, but in order to do so, further education is necessary. Most law programs require students to attain an internship with a law firm in their third year of study. Because working experience is a required part of the education process, it is made slightly easier to advance into a dedicated career in law.

Paralegals and legal secretaries are responsible for minor administrative tasks in law firms, as well as scheduling and research. This level of work seems unimportant, but the experience directly leads toward advancement to more significant roles. In fact, a high percentage of simple positions held while studying law provide permanent career opportunities upon graduation.

Of course, becoming a lawyer is the goal of most in the law field, but there are many different types of lawyers. Having a specific area that you are interested in specialising it makes it significantly easier to make a name for yourself and advance in your career. Among many others, the types of lawyers include:

  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Contract consultants
  • Civil rights attorneys
  • Criminal defense attorneys
  • Military lawyers
  • Trial lawyers

The responsibilities that are universal to nearly all lawyers are to represent clients, create legal documents, manage legal processions, and consult on legal actions.

If you are passionate about entering the field of law, make sure that you find the right program that will foster your growth. Search for and research many options before enrolling in a bachelor degree program in the US.