Find Bachelor of Law in the UK

International students that are interested in becoming lawyers or entering a related law career should begin their education by pursuing a Bachelor of Law in the UK. This is the first step in a long journey that leads to higher level degrees. The work in law school is among the most difficult in higher education, but the benefits upon completion are especially rewarding. The law education system in the UK is very appealing and lends itself well to international students that are interested in studying this field.

What is a Bachelor of Law in UK?

Bachelor of Law programs in the UK are a low level degree program that gets law students started. Because most jobs in the field of law require a master’s degree or higher, most students will use this education as a stepping stone to further education. Once the bachelor program is complete, graduates should have a total understanding of the area, ready to deepen their knowledge. Most law programs incorporate the following:

  • General law, contract writing, and tort courses
  • Necessary internships
  • Moot court or legal review extra-curricular activities

The Bachelor of Law typically takes four years to complete, although the exact duration can vary from university to university. There are also many routes that students can take to earn their degree in law, so extensive research should be conducted before enrolling in a program. There are seven areas that all law programs in the UK must incorporate to be qualifying:

  • Public law
  • Procedural law
  • European Union law
  • Property law
  • Criminal law
  • Trusts and equity
  • Law of obligations

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Law in UK?

The biggest benefit that earning a Bachelor of Law provides students is the opportunity to continue their education. Most law students are interested in eventually becoming a lawyer, which requires very prestigious degrees. This means that after graduating, nearly all Bachelor of Law holders will continue their education by enrolling in a master’s degree program. If they are intent on becoming lawyers, they must then enroll in a doctorate program before they are allowed to practice law.

While a career as a lawyer requires a doctor, there are still positions that can be attained with just a bachelor. There are very few positions that do not require a law degree of some kind, so earning your Bachelor in Law opens the door to entry-level jobs. In fact, because holding such a job is usually a required part of the educational process, your school will likely help you, offering advice or providing job leads.

An additional benefit of studying law in the UK is the flexibility of the process. This is especially appealing for international students that may not have the exact foundational experience that may be required in other countries. There are conversion courses available for students that may have educational history with other disciplines. These could help international students become competitive in law school. Other benefits include:

  • Opportunity to experience multiple areas of law for specialisation
  • Increased possible salary
  • Options for career diversification
  • Many competitive schools to choose from, such as Edinburgh Law School, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Law in UK?

While lawyer is the primary career that law students are interested in, there are jobs available to those that just earn a Bachelor of Law. After graduation, it is possible to become a paralegal or legal secretary. The duties of these positions include research, transcribing, scheduling, and other administrative tasks. These responsibilities may seem minor, but the foundational experience in law that workers attain with these position is invaluable. Most jobs as a legal secretary or paralegal lead directly to more advanced careers, possible even as a lawyer. The system is set up for students to hold such a position as they continue through their education.

Even if you know you want to become a lawyer, you must start specialising while studying because of how many types of lawyers there are. As an early stage of education, the Bachelor of Law is an excellent time to experiment with different areas. It is possible to become a:

  • Civil rights attorney
  • Personal injury attorney
  • Bankruptcy lawyer
  • Criminal defense attorney
  • Trial lawyer
  • Employment lawyer

To begin your law education, search for a Bachelor of Law program in the UK.