Find Bachelor of Law in the UAE

The first step most students take to begin their education in law is to earn a Bachelor of Law. This field generally requires higher level degrees, meaning the journey is longer, but the rewards are quite beneficial. Additionally, law school is considered to be more difficult than most other types of education. If you are interested in studying law, consider finding a program in UAE to start working toward your career.

What is a Bachelor of Law in UAE?

Most Bachelor of Law programs in the UAE require three or four years of studying. The school and specific program you choose will determine the exact duration, however. As the entry-level stage in law education, it is expected that graduates have a complete understanding of the fundamentals. This will allow them to continue their education with a Master’s in Law. Programs in this field usually incorporate:

  • Courses on contract and legal writing, tort, and general law
  • Additional activities such as moot court or legal review
  • Working opportunities
  • International law studies
  • Exploration of lawyer specialisations

Additionally, the areas of law that are typically covered in a Bachelor of law program include public and procedural law, property law, and criminal law. The requirements for law students in UAE may vary from location to location and from school to school. This means it is important to do thorough research for the specific location you are interested in studying before enrolling.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Law in UAE?

The biggest benefit that getting a Bachelor of Law in UAE provides students is the opportunity to enroll in more advanced programs. Before you can begin practicing law, you must earn a Master’s of Law and possibly a doctor as well. You will only be qualified to advance to this level of study after earning a bachelor’s degree. If your goal is to become a lawyer, the first step is to enroll in this level of education. Of course, there are many types of lawyers, meaning you must discover how you wish to specialise. You should take advantage of the foundational nature of the bachelor program to explore many types of law.

Even though it is not possible to practice law with only a bachelor’s degree, there are other law-related jobs that are available. The most common possible positions are legal secretary and paralegal. Earning a Bachelor of Law allows students to pursue more career options and earn higher salaries.

Additionally, the educational system in UAE is especially appealing to international students. Many curricula are tailored to foreign students as they are taught in English. Arabic language courses are usually included in these programs. This means that it is simpler for international students to jump right in.

The UAE has many different excellent law universities that are very competitive. Choosing to study here means you have many options to choose from, such as University of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi University, and the American University in the Emirates.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Law in UAE?

The most common position that law students are pursuing is lawyer. It is standard for graduates to become paralegals or legal secretaries because these positions lead directly toward becoming a lawyer. It is also possible to enter one of these careers without the intention of advancing. As being employed in such a position is usually required during the third year of law school, you can advance your career while continuing your education.

The position of paralegal or legal secretary usually involves mostly administrative duties. In addition to scheduling and transcribing, they must perform research and fetch legal documents. Paralegals and legal secretaries gain a strong foundation in law that is vital to advancing. A high percentage of students that work in these positions have employment opportunities waiting for them when they graduate as well.

As there are many types of lawyers, it is important that you know how you want to specialise. The different areas of expertise include:

  • Employment lawyer
  • Legal consultation
  • Civil rights attorney
  • Criminal defense attorney

Take the first step toward your career in the law field. To begin, search through the schools and programs available in UAE and enroll to earn your Bachelor of Law. Find a program that will help you move forward.