Find Bachelor’s in Photography

Bachelor’s in Photography

Bachelor degree programs in Photography are usually fine arts programs that approach the creation and analysis of photographs as works of art. Students learn about the foundational principles of art, such as composition. They also acquire practical knowledge of photography techniques and learn how to choose and operate the equipment that is most appropriate for a particular project. Digital photography and editing are also included in today’s Photography coursework.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Photography?

A Bachelor’s in Photography is an undergraduate degree program that usually takes about three or four years to complete. This program is offered by many universities as well as art schools. The typical Photography curriculum provides a foundation in the history and concepts of photographic art. Students learn how to examine and analyse photographs. The Photography program also places considerable emphasis on developing technique. Students can expect to take courses in:

  • Composition and perspective
  • Approaches to design
  • Studio lighting
  • Analog and digital approaches
  • Using cameras and scanners
  • Printing techniques
  • Photo development
  • Digital photo-editing
  • Landscape photography
  • Portraits
  • Photography and journalism
  • Fashion photography

During the course of the program, students will be honing their craft and putting together their portfolios. Many programs offer opportunities for independent study, special projects and internships. Depending on their interests, students may explore the connection of photographic art with other disciplines such as journalism, communications or marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Photography?

In addition to gaining valuable technical skills, Photography students acquire a broad knowledge of artistic and design principles as well as critical analysis. This knowledge can be applied not just in a photography context but in many occupations where knowledge of design and the ability to critique and analyse visual media is necessary.

Photography students often have access to state of the art photographic equipment and learn to use the latest instruments and software. Internships provide further opportunities for students to develop their skills and pursue their interest in real-world photography applications.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Photography?

Depending on their interests, Photography graduates may pursue opportunities in many different types of fields.

  • Photojournalists may work for a print or internet news outlet and take pictures of newsworthy events. They may also take photos of  the subjects of analytical or think pieces.
  • Fashion photographers may work for fashion media, design companies or retailers.
  • Commercial photographers take photos for use in advertisements and promotional campaigns; the type of photos can vary greatly depending on the product or experience being promoted
  • Scientific and medical photographers may provide pictures for research projects, textbooks or journals. In addition to cameras, these photographers may use microscopes to capture their images.
  • Sports photographers take pictures of sporting events and sports personalities. This area of photography involves lots of action shots and a great sense of timing.
  • Portrait photographers specialise in individual and group photos, whether at events such as wedding or at a professional studio.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s in Photography program may also choose to approach photography as a fine art and sell their work through art galleries.