Find Bachelor’s in Performing Arts

Bachelor’s in Performing Arts

Bachelor’s degree programs in Performing Arts offer a wide-ranging overview of theory and performance. This curriculum usually focuses on all three of the major performing arts: drama, music and dance. Along with core courses that cover the basic principles of theory and performance, students may select among a variety of elective courses. Students explore various aspects of performance, including acting, stage management, choreography and more.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Performing Arts?

A Bachelor’s in Performing Arts is an undergraduate course of study that examines the three major disciplines of performing arts. As opposed to a degree program in one of these arts, the Performing Arts curriculum gives equal attention to music, drama and dance. This makes this program of special interest to students who are interested in interdisciplinary performance. Courses cover both theory and practice. Many programs also offer a variety of electives that students can choose from based on their particular talents and interests. In addition to taking courses that focus on performance itself, Performing Arts students also learn about technical aspects such as costuming and stagecraft. Common courses included in the Performing Arts curriculum are:

  • Introduction to Dance
  • Acting
  • Voice Class
  • Music Literature
  • Music Theory
  • Dance Ensemble
  • Choreography
  • Conducting
  • Music, Dance or Drama Education

Electives may include courses that focus on a particular style of dance, theatre or music. Students whose goals include teaching performing arts may also take courses on teaching methods. Technical courses usually involve lab work.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Performing Arts?

An undergraduate education in Performing Arts creates a solid understanding of the practice and theory of performance. By examining all of the major performing arts disciplines, students acquire comprehensive knowledge and enhance their performance and leadership skills. Their exposure to a wide range of performance art aspects enables graduates to succeed in many arenas.

The emphasis on performance and leadership in many programs also serves to improve students’ confidence, communication skills and ability to collaborate with others productively. These skills are essential in any profession and provide a solid basis for future success.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Performing Arts?

Graduates of a Performing Arts program often go on to perform in one of the three disciplines or in a setting that integrates the three. Possible performing careers include:

  • Musician
  • Conductor
  • Composer
  • Choreographer
  • Dancer
  • Actor

Some holders of this Bachelor’s degree use their knowledge of performance to pursue closely related careers, such as:

  • Theatre director
  • Stage manager
  • Playwright
  • Producer
  • Music director

Those with an interest in performing arts education can find employment in a range of settings. Possible occupations include:

  • Acting, voice, music or dance coaching
  • Teaching performing arts at a community arts center
  • Teaching primary or secondary school students

Some go on to obtain further academic degrees. Their goals may include teaching at the college level, performing research into educational methods for performing arts or acting as a professional performing arts consultant for schools, arts councils and other organisations.