Find Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a broad degree that students can earn while studying one of any number of art forms. Because there are many options for the focus of your program, it is especially important to specialise while studying. It is possible to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking, graphic design, music, dance, theatre, and others. International students can earn their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada to begin their education and pursue their career.

What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada?

The higher education system in Canada depends on which province or territory you are studying in. Therefore, it is vital that you research what the requirements are for the area you are planning on studying in. Typically, a bachelor degree takes between three and four years to earn in Canada. Some provinces are very similar to the US system, while others are more in line with the French system. This means that some programs allow for a bachelor degree with Honours, which is actually a postgraduate degree that should not be confused with the undergraduate bachelor. A bachelor program in the field of fine arts usually incorporates:

  • Courses specialised to a specific art
  • Seminars on art theory
  • A thesis art project
  • Courses focused around practicing and developing art skills
  • Required performances or art displays

The Bachelor of Fine Arts usually has a greater focus on the practice of art, rather than the theory behind it, although both aspects are included. If you are interested in art theory, in order to be a critic or work in education, degrees in the broader art field take this approach. Additionally, a strong portfolio is a standard requirement to enroll in a Bachelor of Fine Art program.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada?

The primary benefit that graduates from a Bachelor of Fine Arts program enjoy is a kick start to their career. As an entry-level degree, this is the first step that most students take. After graduating, it is much easier to find work in the field of fine arts, and typical salaries are higher for degree holders. There are other benefits for studying in Canada, as well, including:

  • Opportunity to specialise in a specific art form
  • Increased number of career options
  • Many excellent Canada universities to choose from, including the University of British Colombia and the University of Toronto
  • Multiple provinces and territories with differing systems to choose from

Additionally, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts allows students to pursue a higher level degree, as well as laying the academic foundation to do so. In this field, the highest level of achievement is typically considered to be the master’s degree, although a few focuses, such as musical performance, have a doctor as their terminal degree. Earning a higher degree makes jumping into an advanced career even easier and allows higher salaries.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada?

Because the entertainment industry is so substantial, the demand for careers in the arts is always increasing. There are many different routes that graduates can take. The biggest distinction is between freelance and studio artists. Many choose to work independently, which allows for more lenient schedules and more freedom. This is an especially common choice when beginning work after earning a bachelor.

Alternatively, it is possible to join an existing studio or work with a larger company. In the case of graphic designers or other visual artists, the marketing departments of corporations commonly have a need for fine arts degree holders. This kind of established position may be easier to attain if a master’s degree is earned, but it is certainly possible with only a bachelor.

The primary careers that are possible in the arts field are usually divided between the visual and performing arts. The former includes all the disciplines in the film industry, as well as painters, graphic designers, and photographers. The performing arts include theatre, dance, and music. While it is important to specialise in one of these areas, choosing to study more than one can significantly improve your chances of succeeding in a career.

To start working toward your Bachelor of Fine Arts in Canada, search for your art program.