Find Bachelor of Fine Arts

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree offered at accredited universities around the world. Students learn the fundamental practices, movements and theories in art, ranging from the ancient to modern. Many universities offer unique specializations in various forms of studio art or art history. In some cases, students can complete a joint Master’s program as well.

What Is a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

Depending on where students choose to study, their Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program may last between three and four years. As an example, US based programs typically last four years, while UK programs are usually three years. It’s common for students to choose between practical and historical focuses. Students on a historical track will focus on the evolution and stages of art. The practical track will focus more on the production of artwork and exploring various techniques.

Students can expect a mixture of lectures, projects and group work assignments during their program. Fine arts programs give students a unique opportunity to explore a practical or performance aspect of their academic field. During the program, students may encounter the following common courses:

  • Historic Architecture: In the fine art world, architecture is a powerful form of expression. Students will study the evolution of architecture through the ages and its connections to global culture.
  • Art Through Time: From ancient cave paintings to modern day exhibits, students look closely at how and why art evolved. Students learn the different waves and movements within the world of fine art.
  • Drawing: An introductory drawing class is customary for many Bachelor’s in Fine Arts programs. Students learn to express basic forms accurately from geometric objects to the human form.
  • Advanced Project: For those on a studio-focused track, students may complete a final art project as a demonstration of skill. They may do this through an honours, thesis or independent study course.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

Completing an undergraduate program in fine arts gives students a competitive advantage in the job market. They are better prepared for professional demands and have a chance to develop highly focused knowledge and skills.

  • Build Professional Network: For aspiring fine artists especially, building a professional network can be key to finding great employment in the fine arts field. Professors, mentors and peers frequently serve as a contact for open positions.
  • Lay Groundwork for Advanced Study: After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, students qualify for a number of graduate programs from law to advanced art programs. Students are prepared with honed analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Earn Higher Income: Employers view educated professionals as a valuable asset to any team. With a Bachelor’s degree, students frequently qualify for better and higher paying positions relative to secondary school graduates.
  • Receive Guided Learning: Students gain the chance to learn with an expansive support system. Universities frequently offer internship contacts, career counselling, tutoring labs and other helpful resources.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

After completing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts program, students are prepared for a range of entry-level employment. Students wishing to pursue a career related to their degree frequently choose on of these positions:

  • Fine Artist: As a fine artist, graduates can do a broad range of freelance and commission-based work. Additionally, they can apply for private or public grants to fund their work.
  • Secondary School Teacher: Graduates must receive the requisite teaching certifications to qualify for a teaching position. However, their knowledge makes them well suited for fine arts instruction at this level.
  • Art Curator: Curators are frequently found in museums and galleries of varying sizes. They oversee art collections and exhibits. They deal directly with the acquisition, sale, care and marketing of the collection.
  • Art Exhibitions Officer: This professional acts as a project manager for the museum or gallery’s entire art collection. The officer guides the marketing and promotion of the artwork as well as logistical details.

Start searching for your ideal Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program today to jumpstart your education and make sure you do the F1 visa interview. These degrees are offered around the world, giving you the unique chance to travel and study from a global art perspective. Consider your specialisation as you look for schools to help you find the right match for your interests.